Thursday, March 30, 2006

Contemplating the 2nd floor of the library

So I am sitting here in the back corner of the "Shultz Information Center" trying to do my G&NP project, yea that is so not happening. Not only do I have the attention span of a gnat, I also have no idea how to get the freaking beginning trial balance to tranlate into their corresponding journal entries (but I do feel smart, because most of the people reading this have no clue what those even are:)). Anyway, because of my lack of studiosness(word?) I have been people watching intermitantly, while also brushing up on my current events. People act really strange in this library! Now I don't know if this is because I go to SSU, where most of the students would belong to the marijuana legalization party if they lived in Israel, or if this is a general college thing. The only other librarys at colleges where I have spent any measurable amount of time is at the 3 JC's where I have taken classes, and those really were just glorified high school libraries, so they don't count for diddly. You have the people actually studying, but those are few and far between. If you glance at most of the laptop screens, I would say more than a few are on MySpace/Facebook, as well as ESPN and the like. Very little actual scholarly work seems to be gettign done. You also have the random wandering in of teenagers with their parents literally at the same time every hour...I guess the tours end and they all run here! You here the low rumblings of conversation, which I guess less than 5% is school related. The frequent buzzing of cellphones on wood tables and the obligatoey whispered hellos of clicking of button follows. I am befuddled, though, by the number of people here at 2 o'clock on a Thursday. Granted the library is closed tomorrow (all hail Cesar Chavez), but still, this is not the most studious campus on the planet. Other than on the third floor in the quiet section, I would classify a trip to the library as analagous as a trip to the gym, more socailizing than the actual reason for its construction. There are study groups scattered at different tables, but mostly consisting of people required to be there for their team or organization. I find it slightly disturbing, though, that there are not enough outlets in the places where studying takes place for everyone to plug into. I had originally planned on being on the 3rd floor, where actual studying takes place, but was forced down when I discovered there was no where for me to plug in my ghetto iBook:( I hope everyones day is going better than mine becasue I am back to the salt mines trying to figure out what to do with this dame unreserved fund balance...geez am I looking forward to Tequila Thursay at happy hour!

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