Friday, April 07, 2006

The day I must start my "crack" withdrawal is nearing!

With the election being decided in 2 days, it is getting down to the last episodes for The West Wing...Now, if you know me, you understand how this is affecting me! Its like crack, as is Coke Zero, so if I drink Coke Zero while watching The West Wing, I get the doubly high effect. I even get all manic-like after I watch it, or even to a pointif I find someone who will talk about it with me. I've noticed people are sometimes just smiling and nodding at what I am saying, and this occurs at two main times: when I am talking about accounting, like the tax code and those misdirecting H&R Block commercials, and when I talk about West Wing, or you know anything related to The West Wing.
I know I have a problem, as I am going to be active again in my sorority and my only concern, which should be "shit, I know none of these new girls initiating this weekend," is "shit, I need to pick up tapes to mae sure I can catch West Wing if our meetings run long." And this brings up the ultimate decision, what to do if senoir ceremony falls on the same day as the finale?! I could do both, but then I would definately miss the dateline special and part of the retrospective, but I would already be sobbing from the meeting, and I don't need my face to be that puffy come Monday morning. I know I will cry because just knowing it was the election eppy made me tearful.
I plan on sitting down and watching all the episodes up to the finale again in the weeks leading up and this new lack of need for sleep in my life will definately aid in that goal! So on that note, unless anyone else knows of stuff to do here at 3 am, I'll be starting my journey so I can go cold turkey after the least for a little while!

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