Monday, April 24, 2006


I just want to start by metioning The West Wing is like crack. After the episode ends, you are so happy it was on for a little bit and then you start to realize you have to wait an entire week to see more when you find the only thing on at that point is Desperate Houswives.
Transition was a good episode. Kind of. There were too many questions. There are only three episodes left people, you can't start raising questions now!!! Did Santos and Bartlet have some secret plan going on that no one knew about, or was Bartlet inferring to his call as being a part of a plan Santos and created and Bartlet had figured out. And did Donna accept the position as FLOTUS COS? Why wasn't Kate in the Sit room when Santos showed up? Was she off somewhere with Will? Hopefully they will tell us these answers...but this rests on your faith in John Wells, so, well, who knows?

*I hope Sorkin brings TWW alums onto Studio 60 for cameos...It wouldn't be hard (I mean 3 TWW alums are already on the show!), just have them in one of the skits on the "show" (or have Martin Sheen be Bradley Whitford's ex-dealer)...they already have the chemistry!

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