Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why "Middle" America is a misnomer...

Sure, it's in the middle of America. Sure, they have huge mid-sections(at least when compared with the coasts, or at the very least, the coastal blue states). No the term middle becomes an issue when refering to political issues. Middle America is never in the center on any issue...find me a group of "Middle Americans" who consider themselves moderates, by definition of the coasts, and I have these amazing pigs that will fly for you. But seriously, the moderates in middle America would be considered conservative in Southern California. There is nothing wrong with this, I just feel that politicians play to the average American, and these people are what we look to as average. This is an area of the country that is much less diverse than everywhere else. Lots of small towns, filled with church going white folks, who, for the most part, do not have 4 years of college education. This is an area where people live in the same town their grandparents lived their entire lives and died in. I consider myself average, but I am from Southern California, so my view of what makes you average is very different. I think its par to have both of your parents have a 4-year college degree, and for one, or both of htem to have an advanced degree on toop of that. For families to go to a religious service every once in a while, but, mostly go on the holidays. For your kids to go AWAY to college and stay away....sure you might live an hour away, but you live on campus and get a job after graduation that means moving somewhere other than your childhood bedroom. This to me is the average American family...this is not what the country considers average, and this scares me. We are brought up to do believe we can do anything we want, if we try...this is the American dream...this is not what we see happening in the midwest, which is a disturbing trend, but no the point I was trying to make at all. The biggest problem with seeing this segment as average is comparing their thought process to those of us who are not them. They have their Christain values and family values to halp them make dedcisions. This is NOT a good way to do things, as the monkey trials pointed out long ago. You cannot look at a situation from only one point of view and assume there is no other solution! This is not working, has never worked, and never will work. This is what happens in dictatorships; this is not what should be happening in a modern democracy. This discrepancy was brought up by a conversation that occured last week. I was having a conversation with someone ab out something and "An Inconvienient Truth" came up. We we talking about how important it was, after joking about the drowning polar bears...but in the conversation, we asked a girl who was with us, if she had seen it. She then asked what it was and we explained the movie and that it was the Al Gore slideshow. She replied that she would never see a movie with Al Gore. Later in the week, I brought up a funny thing I had seen on Countdown with Keith Olberman and she asked what it was and I said it was a headline show on MSNBC...her reply; "I only watch FOX." Now these should not have suprised me...she is from the midwest...but it was disconcerning, nevertheless. The ignorance shown on her part was scary. With the movie, forget the fact that Al Gore is doing it, it is an important issue, and therefore an important movie. Yes, it is a liberal issue, but only because the republicans are scared that their oil company race funds might hurt them in getting elected if this were an issue both parties supported. Would she have seen the movie if Bill O'Reilly was the one doing it? Of course! This helps demonstrate my most important point, the singlemindedness of the "average" American. By this girl only watching Fox, or only listening to the conservative viewpoint, she is making bad decisions. Not because she is making the wrong decision, she is entitled to her opinion, but she is making an uninformed decision. Part of the responsibility of being an American is participating in the Political process. To fully participate you must be informed, otherwise we have the beginnings of a puppet government, it being that each parties voters do what their parties tell them to. Look at the recent elections, who are the candidates spending the most time courting, the hard party liners? No, they are going for the swing voters. The voters who weigh all sides of the issue and are informed enough to actually make a decision. These are the voters you wnat deciding elections...
By being informed, watching multiple cable news channels and not just the liberal one or the conservative one, being pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-stem cell research, etc...basically being pro-liberal issues, you are allowing the American public to make their own choices. You allow for States rights versus federal regulations...the original reason there are 2 parties. You allow candidates to fight over things that matter. They can focus on Homeland security and reforming social security, while dealing with the deficit and finding funding to continue our military efforts overseas. So I say this to the Republican party...tell yourconstituents to turn off Bill O'Reilly and go read "An Inconvienent Truth", to put down the latest Ann Coulter book and turn on "The Daily Show." Get your "values voters" to get out of their pew and stop voting what their church leader tells them and to vote their conscience. Tell your voters, while you may share values, values regulate our personal lives and we anre running to govern the country and not your life...if you want to have your values regulated by the government, move to a communist country. Most of all, tell them to not dismiss an idea they disagree with. Have them find out both sides of the issue, and if they still want to disagree, have them find the facts that would support why their side is the right one. Get THEM to vote for you, and not pundits telling them you are who to vote for.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It is not ok...

-that every citizen does not have access to an equal education
-that we allow our children to make the same mistakes we did and not suffer any consequences
-for people to be denied adequate healthcare
-that in this day and age, we had an entire population of people indefinately displaced because of a hurricane
-for us to live in one of the most powerful countries in the world, but yet the government seems powerless to help a majority of its own people
-for it to take a hollywood film maker to get the government to pay attention to their own missteps, an then go on to blame them for pointing it out
-that we have forgotton the founding principles of our country; that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are what our government was set up to pursue and not the advancement of the big corporations and forcing evangelical christian values on the masses
- for the government to use our name to violently spread democracy; this being said, the spread of democracy is not a bad thing, doing it by using military force is not
-that this country's citizens would rather lead by someone who is "like" them, than by someone who is smarter than them

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I actually retained something I learned in intermediate!!!

I started a new job a little while ago, so that is why my postings have been nonexistant. But, something exciting happened today! Today, I got not only my first adjusting journal entry posted to the G/L, but I also got to do a management comment...for all of those non accounting lingo people out there, its like validation
So thank you Dr. Richman for teaching me fund accounting and thank you Professor Standridge for teaching me the difference between debits and credits in the asset and liability sections, as well as A/P
And in the spirit of the recent Emmys, there are a few people I won't be sharing this glory with:
Professor Jordon, for testing on stuff that was not in the book, but yet I can do it now and I really learned very little from you
Professor Anderson, thank you for letting me off the hook in your class, but no thank you for testing on who knows what because I can combine the balance sheets in real life without a problem, I'm not sure how I didn't get a single one right in class...and finally,
All the accounting firms that decided an F in O-chem disqualified me from being an accountant, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y, GT, those napa firms, that one in walnut creek, moss adams, ING, Disney, Universal, and many more I'm sure I forgot!

Auditing...the only profession where people hire you to snitch on them...:)