Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the MY Union

It took over 100 years...we finally have a sargeant at arms who is able to say madame speaker, and she is a Californian to boot! We have two outstanding democratic candidates in the field, who, if either is elected, to either office, will make history...or herstory if you go that way...We could make history in both offices, we could catch up with the rest of the developing world...We are living in a time of great change, or as the astrologer in Vanity Times says, the end of a pluto cycle. This change could make or break us, the decisions made at the end of this administration and the begining of the next will define the futeure...they will determing your future, your children's future, your parent's future, and most importantly MY future...where will I go from here, where will you go from here...will there be a here to go from??

We survived another March for Life with no bombings, we still have a central government, despite the scandals, and the exective branch has discovered the genocide in Darfur...things are looking up as the sun sets on the current presidential administration as the horizon stretches to the next round of politicos to battle it out, to reach out and do what they think is right.

And now the paid talking heads will have their airtime.......