Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As week 0 begins to draw to a close...

only 2 more classes until my orientation days are over and I'm a full fledged law student! I have my tuition paid, my book purchased, a network compliant laptop and I'm off and running, to the library... The first assignments have been posted and sheesh is there a lot of work to be done before those oh so important first class meetings...talking to some of my classmates, I am already behind, here I am trying to remeber all these peoples names and they are already forming study to get into one early, they are like cliques, only the cool kids get in:) Maybe I should go the legally blonde route and bring muffins while wearing a bunny costume!! or maybe I should stop focusing on the fact that I have a test tomorrow and start focusing on the fact that i have class on Monday.

Thoughts as to what my weekend will consist of:
going to the library
watching HSM2, because I can watch it 3 hours before Betty in CA and you know she will be jealous (and mindless sugar coated high school drama seems just about the right genre for a stressed out 1st year law student ot be watching)
writing briefs
more studying
and hour or 2 of sleep
cleaning the dust off the apartment i will only be sleeping in from now on
oh and some more reading

With no decent Mexican food, no alcohol sold on sundays, and the fact you have to travel from the market to a seperate store to purchase it....what have i gotten myself into?!
Just keep reminding yourself...3 years from now, I get to pay back $100,000 in student loans so you better do freaking awesome so you make enough to do that:)

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