Thursday, November 29, 2007

the bluebook is your not true!

in one hour my fellow 1Ls and I will be sitting down for our second and final quiz for legal methods. Now I recall my professor, who, by the way had a baby like 6 weeks in and stuck us with a second prof for the semester (which is a whole 'nother issue I won't get into right now), said they moved the memo up from being due after thanksgiving break, which would have been a wonderful time to have it due, IMO, to the day before break started, so we could be good and done with methods at thanksgiving and be able to focus on the finals they have decided this year to give 1 day apart rather than 3-4 apart like every year before. Instead of this statement, which I have verified with multiple people in my class that she did say something to that effect, and as there is no counterargument here, why do we have a quiz 5 days before our first final? And furthermore, why were we required to attend class at 9am on Tuesday? So here we sit bunched in the library, outlined out, and for a nice break, we are going to have you puke back all the research and information you didn't use but had to learn for this class, where you didn't get to evaluate your prof, cause you had 2 and might confuse them, cause we are only law students and names and faces are something we just are not good with, and then flip through the bluebook, which is aptly named, cause its blue, to find out how all the cites you used for your memo were somehow deficient.

This has to be some sort of Intentional Infliction of Emotion Distress that I definately did not consent to, implicitly or explicitly.....

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