Wednesday, November 28, 2007

calling all wikipedia geeks

part of my civil procedure final is on the novel, i know, what about your casebook, don't worry we got those questions too, our professor was nice enough to manage to add non-case reading to his syllabus while not taking out any of the other readings (so really, its just extra work), but back to the novel A Civil Action (which i could cite per bluebook, but that might induce my screaming to get louder) I read this book over the summer as it was on the list of recommended readings for incoming I don't have time to reread the whole thing, cause there are other things to do, like, say hang out in the library til 1am memorizing the Restatements (Second) of Contracts (once again, if you ask me to bluebook, I will reach over the internet and strangle you). So being the ever resourceful student, I began looking for supplements, i.e., cliffnotes, sparknotes,, etc...i found nothing...(seriously cliffs notes, i relied on you in high school, where did the love go?)...So I turned to my other goto cite, Wikipedia. Now, usually it doesn't let me down, but the page for A Civil Action, it is just sad, there isn't even a real plot synopsis. Who would do this....this is my need, can we trace if anyone, such as my professor, has changed this entry to remove things i would need...

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