Friday, December 07, 2007

4 walls and a locked door

yes, i am being falsely imprisoned by finals...i am studying against my will with a force of threat due to my large studetn loans and the school is liable becasue none of my exams are open outline so i believe becasue i am concious this could be false imprisonment...hey I can argue it, I don't have to win

Cheyenne KimballFour Walls

Yea, not really related casue i'm not in love with my torts final or anything, but the name was catchy in realtion to False Imprisonments elements:)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

contrats final...should of signed the one the devil offered!

So, um, wtf was that?!? that seems to be the consensus, but seriously....the other section, all in the library, smiling, laughing, they still have their souls intact; our section, we all walk out of there loking like someone either killed our puppy in front of us or that we just had a lobotomy performed, and badly at that, follwed by running to get to our car and away from that school as fast as possible!
2 more to go (torts and property) at least no more K until Januray!

so, i love jamie oliver, but....

um, i'm not sure why anyone would do this...

but even if he did suffer a giant lapse of judgment here, i'd still run away with him

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Civ Pro I dead, gone, done!

And final number 1 is over! after a small hiccup with examsoft this morning (i.e. have the exam i downloaded not show up and not being able to download it again without a large group of people needing to get involved) I was off and typing and filling in bubbles. now, to focus on contracts or figure out the meaning of life?