Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Neglect of blog I have been....

I have not been doing my part to enrich the blog-o-sphere with my view point, which is uber disappointing because it was a presidential election year...

I apologize for my absence and blame the following...
-this little thing named Con Law has taken over my life and left me with no time to form a coherent thought, no matter how boring it would be to read
-verizon, for not installing wires correctly in my walls
-River Plaza, for lack of fixing my cable box when my apartment was clean and could have repair men come into it
-Comcast, for requiring installation appointments and being expensive

Further, I do plan to pick Evidence Karaoke back up, however, laptops have been under suspicion in said class b/c of visit from a certain prof who despises the wireless internet capabilities and the subsequent action of the professor in spending a large part of the class walking up and down the stairs...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Night Class Snack Time

Just as you were provided with cookies and milk/juice in preschool/daycare/summer camp, the ED students here are provided with coffee and tea...and to supplement the excitement of this small token of humanity from the administration, some of my peers have decided to bring in goodies...
Tonight we had a smorgasbord of choices:
ginger snaps
mini chocolate cupcakes
DD munchkins

going to class is making me fat:)

Evidence karaoke...

Blink 182...I Miss You

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Evidence karaoke...

today...technical difficulties class

return week?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

Evidence karaoke...

Cause you've had a bad day...

Well, the stock market didn't make it better...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Evidence karaoke...

and the band plays everybody wants you...

i think this repeating song thing lost it's luster after Amy Winehouse Round 2...

I knew it! (and it will be mine...whahahaha)

I have been waiting for the elusive iPhone mini/nanoPod (rights to this name ramian with me as Apple did not appreciate my calling their iPod nano a nanoPod) version to come back out and greet the world with its fabulousity...people said I was crazy when I said of course they are releasing one and on top of that they are putting it out through Verizon...never, they said, impossible, wrong network type hoohaw, blah blah blah...Well, the rumors are rumbling and they seem to point to what I have been saying all along!

Steve-I am sorry US patent law ruins all your secret plans and that bloggers pick up on little things and expose your plans for world domination, but...

Can I have mine now? I promise to not show it to anyone, really, pinkie swear...;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

as you can see...lots getting done today:-D

However, Sorkin wrote a diddy about Obama meeting with President Bartlet. It humoruos, really, really, laugh under your breath in the library while someone turns and looks at you strange funny. Or at least to me...But here is my favorite passage in the entire op-ed:

Because the idea of American exceptionalism doesn’t extend to Americans being exceptional. If you excelled academically and are able to casually use 690 SAT words then you might as well have the press shoot video of you giving the finger to the Statue of Liberty while the Dixie Chicks sing the University of the Taliban fight song. The people who want English to be the official language of the United States are uncomfortable with their leaders being fluent in it.

Mostly the Dixie Chicks Taliban University bit, but it's funnier becuase I can imagine Martin Sheen saying it (even more so because of his appearance as Bartlet on the Emmys last night)

Full Piece

Evidence karaoke... malfuntion

stupid widener IT

This may not have been my smartest move...

downloaded the free trial for Spore...the creature creator...
dangerous, yet I am pretty sure awesomeness

We shall see how the hype plays out!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Evidence karaoke...

100 years-five for fighting

and after complaints from the peanut gallery that they were getting depressed

you're an ocean-fastball

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Evidence Karaoke...

Cause you had a bad day...

yes, yes I did. I had to come back to class from a glorious stay at the beach...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

yay for the internet and services that make my time procrastinating more efficient!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evidence Karaoke...

and we are back..
new class, new semester, same old songs....

Let's Get It Started-Black Eyed Peas

It's an SUB...

...or a Sport Utility Bike for those of you not in the know, and I want one!
It comes with attachments and just looks kinda awesome to ride. Too Bad I don't live somewhere where I could justify having it :(

Disregard the source, just enjoy the tunes..

You know those catchy musical sequences that get stuck in your head, I think this may be one...

It shows up as a number that has been dubbed their nod to Bob Fosse, who, I am pretty sure, would have approved of dancing in the school hallways and singing basketball teams. However, for some reason I am also hearing "The Tango Maureen" as a backtrack in my head when I listen...either way, it is stuck there and I need it out so I can fill that space with information about sodomy and Amish incest.

Tell me what you think...also, how many hits will I get for people with fetishes searching for porn?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Movie Musical Genre: Friend or Foe?

It seems to be the trend these days that if a concept works in one medium, it will work just as well in another; and this is an ever present reality in the world of the movie musical. However this is a unique area, as it moves in both direction, possibly multiple times, over the years with the ebbs and flows of pop culture and fandom. The most recent creation to grab hold is the film that opened yesterday, Mamma Mia!
Now, I did not watch a copy I found streaming on the internets early in the week, due to the fact it opened the same weekend as The Dark Knight (and it being the weekend before finals, having time only to see one of them over the weekend), at home lounging in my fabulous IKEA chair. However, if I had, It would definitely tint my view of the success one way or another, wouldn't it. Doing so would deprive the movie of the surround sound and the amazingness of seeing the vibrant sets on the jumbo-tron; but, it would allow me to sing along with the ABBA songs that have been woven into a storyline.
What is the storyline, you ask? You mean you do not know...well, girl meets boy and wants to get married in a big production with her father giving her away, however, her mother won't tell her who her father is, so she steals her mothers diary and discovers her mother was a whore, giving her 3 possible fathers. Being the MENSA candidate she is, she invites all 3 to her wedding, determined that she will know him at first sight (ah, the hope of youth that law school has beat out of me with wet reeds). And as you can tell, this is not heading in a positive direction for a quick resolution and telling you the rest would give away the fun part of the story:)
Anywho, on stage it was good, I enjoy the music of ABBA and having large dance numbers to go with it makes it even better. In movie form, it does translate, you get bigger better sets and more intricate dance numbers that you can have a birds-eye view of. The actors acted, but the actors are not singers, and here is my dilemma with the genre in general. In the time of the classic, to act you had to be the triple threat, be the best actor, dancer, and singer. Nowadays, if you are hot enough, they with have a computer synthesize your talent if they want. I am not saying that these were not talented people, quite the opposite. This cast pulled together some of the most talented actors and actresses out there. As hard as he may try, Pierce Brosnan could not pull off Sam, and that may be less of the fact of the acting and more the fault that he is who he is and having James Bond play Sam was just odd. But overall, extremely enjoyable matinee fun, but is even more enjoyable if you are watching during a thunderstorm in you jammies singing along at the top of your lungs...
Now that Mamma Mia has emerged a victorious stage to screen jumper, studios are clamoring to get more stage musicals to the silver screen, and that means a Wicked movie musical. And this is where I pause and wonder if we have taken the genre past the point of no return. When I read Wicked, I enjoyed the dark, gritty writing and immediately thought this would be a fabulous movie, then, they made it into a stage musical...they made it safe and puffy and basically scrubbed and polished the plot to sell it to the masses. And the show itself is fabulous, following the skeleton plot they left intact, mainly the characters names and location, with a soundtrack that is way too catchy. But how will they make this into a movie. If they introduce more of what the book originally laid out, they could create a visually stunning masterpiece (even if they let George Lucas CGI in some flying monkeys), examining the sides of the characters they decided were too dark for Broadway. But if their goal is to keep the songs and audience they have, this is not really an option.
Solution 1: make 2 musicals, have Tim Burton translate from the book and have Adam Shankman translate from the musical.
Solution 2: don't do it! Learn from the mistakes of the past, RENT did not work as a movie, this may not either.
But, alas, it will be made. It may or may not ruin the original, whether that be the book or the stage production. For Hollywood studios are a society unto themselves, cutoff from the outside world by the 5, the 405, and the 101. They will do what works, over and over again, because they know every couple of years a new generation see Annie, or Cats, or now HSM3, and they realize that people can sing and dance at the same time and they want more. And, truthfully, the movie makes the "great white way" a more accessible destination for all. I just ask you to consider one thing, the fact that musicals can make great movies, but not all movies can make great musicals [Spiderman!]

And for a taste of HSM3 for those not in the know...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I <3 NPH

Everyone remembers Doogie, right? Genius teenager, works with his dad in the hospital, wore hightops, created the first blog, was bffs with the kid who played Racetrack Higgins in Newsies (which he was in with Christian Bale, who played Batman in the movie I saw this morning, which told the story of the scariest Joker ever, which is why I am posting this in the middle of the night surrounded by my posse of vicious stuffed animals)...
Doogie Howser was my first celebrity crush, and, quite possibly, my first crush, and still, years later, when he came out, I was crushed; I was crushed that I never stood a chance. I am not sure what drew me to Doogie, over, lets say, Joey McIntyre...I believe it was the nerd factor we shared. I got what he was going through, he would have gotten what I was going through. Maybe I idolized him for doing what they would not let me do at the moment, be a doctor (not play, but do, treat, make people better) for that was my plan for pretty much forever until that pesky trypanophobia reared its ugly head. However, maybe I just thought his blond hair, goofy smile, and acid wash jeans made him dreamy...
Back to my point...
If NPH ends up in something, at any point, there is a good chance I will enjoy it.
For instance, Doogie Howser is one of my all time fav shows, I even have the box set (although I believe my parents are currently holding it hostage with my West Wing seasons until, you know, I finish this studying thing). Further, he was in, however short the stint, Rent, and that was the first stage musical that I really dug after the obligatory Annie, Cats, Les Mis, and Grease. And currently he is involved in 2 things I enjoy, one being Barney on "How I Met Your Mother" and the other being the character of Dr. Horrible singing about his yearning for a girl he is loosing to the jackass who keeps Dr. Horrible in line on Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long blog.
So, here's to you Doogie, for everything you touch turns into sunshine and daisies and with your angelic voice, you lift my heart up through the clouds.
And on that note, I end my day writing a post, because that's what Doogie would have done...

Where did the Good Things go?

First, you publish the most awesome magazine that I have been able to purchase in the US, then you create a blog that has daily posts by your mag editors that are actual blog items I enjoy reading and further investigating the items you post about....and finally Martha, you tear it away from me! You cancel Blueprint, but you keep Bluelines up, and that sustained me, even throughout my deep disappointment caused by the loss of my new favorite publication, no matter how short it was available in my life. Then, Martha, you start by replacing the Bluelines blog, I know that the original staff also worked at your now defunct magazine and most likely went on to bigger and better magazine jobs after being kicked to the curb, but the individuals keeping the blog rolling, number 1, failed to post anything as intriguing as the original group (you can only have so many posts about some artist's collection of antique plates), and number 2, did not post all that frequently...and now, I read a post that Bluelines is no longer being published.
I know there were obvious problems with the Blueprint publication...starting and stopping feature series, no real set number of issues published per year, novice photoshop users in your graphics department (yea, I noticed your lack of expertise at layering images, may I suggest Photoshop for Dummies?). And as much as the subsequent bloggers at Bluelines differed form the original group, they hit the mark every once in a while and that brought warmth to my heart when I read those entries.
I am left to ponder what will become of the market segment you have so carelessly thrown by the wayside?
They are too young to be subscribers to your major publication, too employed to have the time to watch your show, too flush with cash to care that you have a line at K-Mart, and too driven to wait for you to come back to them...
As your core audience nears an age where scrimping on luxuries like magazine subscriptions becomes necessary because of reliance on a limited income and with the country heading into a recession, MSLO, I ask you, did you decide that my age bracket was not a beneficial target audience for you to retain?
At least this bad business decision won't land you in prison...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What occurs when I have a 5 day weekend...

After a night of drinking and debauchery (or West Wing and beer) I settle into a routine of studying and such. However, my concern is how to do so most efficiently. I contemplate a trip to the library to outline in the solitude of it's "inner sanctum", which is just really, well, not the lobby. On the other hand, there is also the draw to Starbucks (until they close it) or Borders. Unfortunately, due to a recent trip to Borders, I would most like to say toodaloo to all my Pro Rep and take one of my new books up to the roof to read in the sun. But, alas, my responsible side will win out and somehow, that makes me feel somewhat defeated...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another movie on the list of ones law school has ruined...

Mystery, Alaska...I turn it on mid-way through and the first word spoken is estoppel...really, I mean come on!

Seriously, this time, it will happen...

I need to get organized! There needs to be a streamlining of stuff, an uncluttered area for all my meditation.

Of course, I could do it while I move, but I said that last time...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

They say it's your birthday, It's my birthday too...

For those of you who are new to this planet, market researchers have lumped certain age ranges together in an attempt to target consumers in different areas of the market. For the last 6 years I was a member of the 18-24 age group, and as of today I move into the 25-40 year old. I wonder, at what point last night did my tastes change from that of a 24 year old to that of someone more comparable to a 40 year old? Granted I was a real adult for all of a year until I decided that being THAT adult was not who I wanted to be and headed back to the hallowed halls of education (where I constantly question my choice) and in doing so have altered my tastes into that of a kinda sorta college student/adult hybrid. So to all those market researchers and those shopping habit analysts, I request that you ask me your questions, because it would give me no greater pleasure than to substantially skew your data! :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dad!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apparently it is that time of year!

List Time!

Whether it's your To Do list or your list of Goals (or even your list of things worrying you if you are attempting the Carolina Cocaine Cure)it is that time where people use the technology available to compile them

So here is mine
Reasons why my George Forman is possibly one of the greatest inventions ever:
Grilled Cheese
Hamburgers w/out a BBQ
If Bobby Flay can grill Pineapple, so can I
The Drip Pan, cause the runoff makes me feel like what I am eating just got healthier
The Broiling hinge on mine...oh yeah, I can melt the cheese on my burgers
Grilled Cheese
No flare ups!
grill marks make veggies taste better
They can color coordinate-the one I had in my dorm (illegally, shh! don't tell) was purple
Banana's Forman...that's right, the act of flambeing is for losers
It won't give me cancer like the Hulk Hogan one
It doesn't leave charred bits that will give me cancer
ooh, and the grilled cheese!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The joys of the lobby...

Its amazing what goes on when law students are waiting for cass to start and there is no reading to do...

Friday, May 30, 2008

I will never forget my first class or my first day of law school

Not only was I called on first, but you figured out when you could zone out real fast...and in honor of those of you that zoned out, a special news story to help you recall the awkwardness of the first person to correct a professor...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Source of Endless Proof of Human Inferiority to, lets say, guinea pigs...


All I have to say is, Wow, OK I kinda understand issues in movies and tv shows with continuity, (because ensuring things are the same from scene to scene as your only job with actual footage of what you need it to look like right there is so difficult!), but come on people, you are altering an already perfect picture most of the time to make it more many photoshoppers' does it take to remove Beyonce's 3rd arm?

Friday, May 23, 2008

To whom it may concern:

This goes out to all the television executives out there...
Your season finales sucked! First, we had this little hiccup called the writers strike. I was devastated! You took my shows from me right in the apex of all the season long plot lines. You then went on to eliminate numerous episodes and lost a large portion of the point of these plots. Second, cliffhangers?! After the writer's strike and the rumblings of a possible actor's strike you would dare to not wrap everything up?! Who cares if you leave no loose ends, I am still going to watch next season! This one is mostly aimed at you ABC, for the other ones kinda sorta skirted around the cliffhanger, they left it at what could happen rather that what did happen; you on the other hand, you left us with the what did happen question...
Third and most of all, this goes to the reality shows...I did not like your endings. AI, little David should have won; DWTS, out of the final 3, Cheryl and her partner should have won; and, Hills people, will someone please stop painting Lo as a super-villanette and please stop airing scenes of Speidi. Furthermore, maybe you should just continue airing new episodes weekly and not show crappy short seasons.
At least I have The Paper to see me through for a few more weeks...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My birthday is in 31 days!

If you are at a loss for what to get me I have an idea:

BUY ME A Wii!!

Why a Wii? can play it with me!
#2...if you can find one, you have magical powers, and discovering that means you get a present for yourself too avatar created in your likeness! would make me happy,and isn't that what we all want in life, to make sure I end up happy?
#5...this b-day means I am getting up there and I currently have no life so see #4

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Israel, Syria Peace Talks Confirmed

not so much strange, funny as it is strange, did I just enter a parallel universe...

Iron Man

Are you into Marvel Comic book characters? Do you like the idea of real issues being solved by these characters? Well, if you answered yes, or possibly even no, this movie is for you!
Iron Man delivered. There was never a boring moment, the plot flowed nicely, and even if you knew nothing of Iron Man before seeing the film, you managed to walk away with the full understanding of the character. The actors portraying each character gave great performances. I was especially impressed with the make-up; other than that voice, Jeff Bridges was pretty unrecognizable as Obadiah Stane. The plot was littered with glimmers of plot-lines where the sequels can pick up, and there will be a sequel (possibly more, who knows what the new Marvel Studios has put into the pipeline!); however there was one issue, the easter egg type clip at the end, was it really necessary for me to sit through 20 minutes of credits for a 30 second clip?
This franchise so far is worth every penny it has earned so far, but with all the hype, you have to wonder if they can live up to it a second time around...we'll have to just wait and see!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

Something I have to remind myself of: The West Wing is not real, no matter how much I wish it were so; no one in any administration can match the amazingness the Bartlett staff had...

Something that makes this difficult: candidate stealing ideas from plot of said show to use in their campaign.

How I do it: Speidi was never invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll in West Wing world, only in real life could something that strange occur.

Pirates 3 in HD!

Since I have been at my parents, I have experienced the wonder of their cable. They have HD, they have DVR, they have 100+ foreign language stations, it's pretty awesome when you feel like vegging out. Ironically, there has been very little on the 800 stations that I feel like watching. I find myself being drawn back to the same movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End. I am pretty sure I have now seen it five or six times since I got home, and each time, something about the kid in the opening scene bothered me. This morning I watched it in HD and suddenly the answer became clear...the kid has braces! I am all for orthodontia, but I am pretty sure that they did not have ceramic bracket braces, or any braces for that matter in this historical period.
This is the clip...the quality isn't fantastic, but hey I found it on YouTube and you can kind of see it if you look really close...

Sure the braces are "clear" and the kid works in the small part, but come on Disney, how many kids tried out for the part that did not have braces? I am pretty sure one of them could have played the role of the singing street kid about to get hung just as well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

I used to despise reality television and then, I went to law, The Hills is over until August and I don't know if I will survive!!
This is why I never watched it before, it feeds on that part of the brain that craves unintelligent banter. I used to be able to suppress it, with shows like the West Wing but there are more stupid people in America then people who get the humor and plot lines in those type of America, I have stooped to your level and am counting down the days until I can get my next hatred of Speidi fix...

This calls for a really big glass of milk!

14 tons of spilled Oreos...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greeting from sunny southern CA!

Sorry for the lack of posting...I've been jet laged, catching up on the slept i missed during finals, outside...needless to say, I've had slightly better things to do:)
Currently I am lounging in my backyard trying to finish the book i was reading and getting my much needed daily dose of Vitamin D.

The thermometer thing out here says its just above 80 and breezy, which is why I am here today and not down at the'll be like 60 there, better off to wait until tomorrow when it hits 100 here, cause then it'll be 80 down there and much more pleasant all around. Unfortunately for me my parents have moved in between an elementary school and a parochial school so I currently have recess on all sides; fortunately for me I have an iPod with awesome earbuds.
Just so I'm not all sunshine and daisys (so unlike me, I know!), gas is either at or above $4 and I have tanlines from when I helped my mom gather her zillions of lemons from her freaking tree this weekend...

PS...Pinkberry kicks Rita's icey ass!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go ahead...

Make one of THESE into a t-shirt and wear it to class...I double dog dare you!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How finals prioritize my hopes and dreams...


Furthermore, I have somehow become an authority on when finals are being held...that's right, fear my posts!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Comment I've Seen in a while...

Following a post about how Nalgene Bottles are going to kill us all on FitSugar:

"i usually put vodka in mine, so i think the alcohol (151 proof) should kill the harmful material" -gospelukkfur

I think this commenter and I should be BFFs!

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Not really all that double take worthy but appropriate because my Contract's final is Tuesday...

Former Fox TV Studio Topper Sues for Unpaid Compensation

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

Law students are a unique population...they include people running to and running from things, people who have had everything handed to them and people who have had to struggle for everything they have, people using this to get exactly where they want and people using this as a time filler to figure out exactly where they want to get...but no matter the law student, there are 2 constants: the immense stress of finals weighing down upon them (this is not including the stress te weight of their casebooks on their spine) and the large amounts of alcohol consumed to lift the stress...

(not applicable in Utah)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

You have to be mentally unstable (read: insane, crazy, not sane by DSM-IV standards) to go to law school...Does this mean the thingy I signed to enroll and the accompanying loan documents are voidable? And further, can I collect damages for Severe Emotional Distress, because a mentally ill person cannot consent (and if you make a value argument, this Kort does not like the rule you are trying to argue for and will not adopt it, no matter what value you use to argue!).

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Penis Theft Panic Hits Congo Capital

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

A Communal Drug Test via the Sewer

Civ Pro Karaoke

Due to technical difficulties attributed to Widener IT, there will be no Karaoke today...

In terms of technology, you must be smarter than the item you are trying to use...

**Venting Steam**

#1 One of favorite, new shows of the year came back last night, and can I just say, I was utterly dissappointed...not only did the CW not take into accoun teh fact hey came back during my finals period, they have removed new shows from being legally viewed on the internet, so there goes 3 episodes I will never get to see, plus, the story sucked massively. I understand y'all have been on a forced hiatus and needed to create an arc to tie previous episodes to new ones, and you had to find some way to tie in Georgina, but come on! That was ridiculously ridiculous!! Maybe its a good thing I won't be able to watch the rest of this season...I will start my love affair again in the fall!

#2 They are remaking Teen Witch, which (haha) was a marginally good psuedo musical released in the late 80s that I remember vividly as the movie with that creepy lady from Poltergiest. This sounds fabulous, however, I should warn you, you can only remake so many 80s movies. If this succeeds do not, I repeat, DO NOT, touch any of the brat pack movies...You will destroy the hopes and dreams of many young adults out there(teenage crushes and cheesy soundtracks are sacred to the generation). Hollywood studio bigwigs, look out for the original fans, cast carefully...and remember, Zac Efron does not equal Emilio Estevez and/or Kevin Bacon...

#3 While speaking to my parents, they mentioned my dog was doing great...first, this is not my dog, this is their dog. They got this dog long after I moved out. Second, I have a cat. She live with my parents (the cross country trip just would have been too much for her morbidly obese kitty frame to handle). They mentioned nothing about my cat during this convo. Usually they complain about her laziness and general unkempt appearance (her style icon is Bob Marley), but nothing....Should I be worried?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day here in PA, walk don't drive to your polling place!

However, the following links lead to a few of my favorite eco-friendlier/organicer brands that I will drive my SUV out of the way to get:

Smell like the tropics while getting ready

People Against Dirty

Who knew cheese free pizza could be yummy!

Newman O-Boy

Spend those extra 5 minutes surfing today and instead of perusing Perez or TMZ for the 3rd time in an effort to put off that outlining, calculate your ecological footprint...

Go Greener (hey, I'm a poor law student living in central PA, I can only go so green!)

Random Thought of the Day

In "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was that sound effect miked or did someone actually research how that would sound?

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Jury Rejects Suit Over Rectal Exam

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

Passover is just not as awesome without the leftovers...actually having to make matzo into edible stuff sucks!

Random Thought of the Day

I am not sure how I feel about the people behind the counter at McDonalds having English as their first language...the food just doesn't taste as good either:(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I feel CBS has captured my feelings...

Furthermore, further Youtubing has led me to the conclusion that I attend the law school with the most unexpressive, uncreative student population ever!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Best Colbert Report (4/17/08) EVER!!!!

Civ Pro Karaoke

That's Life-Frank Sinatra

our hopes must be soaring as finals approach, just the song to bring us back down to where we need to be...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

No Doubt--Underneath It All

Analyze: "You're really lovely underneath it all..."

Happy Tax Day!
Go enjoy that free donut with your Dunkin coffee that you have to buy with your measly tax refund...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eli Stone LOL!

Watch the credits...the last one is Westlaw for all their books:)

When in the library, do everything but study!

OK, so most of you know my slight love of, you don't?
Forget torrents, forget having to go to every stations website, I got a queue for my tv shoes! It's like Netflix for TV! (Except for you ABC...Disney, got off your high horse and get involved here, I want my Eli Stone and Ugly Betty delivered straight to my queue, I don't want to go wait for your player to load or watch these shows when they are actually on TV!)
Enough free advertising (pay me Hulu people!!!!), but they added all of Studio 60!!! Now I don't have to buy the DVD set, cause I am a poor law student and have to pay for things, like, say, $4 gas!
And if you are in need of proof that people care about the actual pronunciation of Nevada, Watch the Nevada Day episodes and pay attention to the different pronunciation by John Goodman (who is supposed to be the judge in Parumph) and the rest of the people who are from LA...yes, they even pronounced it differently for effect!!! (And props to Beth for calling me seconds after this aired to confirm that Sorkin's obsession with detail went this far!)

Wait, are we now paying bonobos to write music for popstars?

Listening to the radio this morning I was awakened to the sound of a new single premiering....
Unfortunately, it sucked...the beat is danceable and you will never forget the lyrics (as there is pretty much one phrase repeated over, and over, and over...), but even Britney's music has some sort of feeling broadcast by the lyrics; all I got from this was that she apparently doesn't like wearing heels while dancing...I think you should probably talk to wardrobe about this issue rather than singing about it!
And here it is:

Of course, maybe I am misinterpreting this completely and she is telling her pretty "boy" boyfriend (he's just too pretty, no matter how muscled his biceps are, seriously, where did he get those cheekbones, can I have his surgeon's number?) to take of her heels and put on his sneakers so they can go dancing together and keep up this Mickey Mouse charade...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And coming up next on this thing called my life...

First of all, thank goodness that's over! Not only is my trial brief done and in, but my marathon day ending with those legal gurus we know as our methods tormentors is over as well!
So now all that's left is my oral argument and finals...
Wait, you thought this was happy news about what is to come?! LOL, no way, I'm a law student!

Alas, my apartment has fallen into chaos...I am contemplating writing to FEMA and asking them for disaster relief assistance, but I am worried they will send me one of those death trailers and spray paint calligraphic code on my walls!

I have also found a new battery for my video camera and took video of myself at various points throughout this last brief writing filled weekend of fun. Apparently, in the middle of the night, I am rather amusing when doped up on a mixture of way too much red bull and pure adrenaline (or maybe it was desire to say "shove it" with my brilliant legal analysis to my professor) and tend to ramble and speak rather quickly...hopefully, I can avoid these last two during my oral argument! But I must say I am rather impressed with my cinematographer skills (or lack of). Going back through the tape I took of my Jamaica Trip, I am so happy with the 5 minutes of footage I have of the headrest in front of me on the plane back where you can hear my travel buddy and me talking about the incessant rain and thunder outside, but yet, you see none of this. You do, however, get to see the couple who were sitting across the aisle from us (yea, that's right, just 2 people 'cause we were in first class!) and ended up being on the wrong flight and had to get off and the amazing footage i took in the 1st class lounge through the shutters of our lounge area (why shutters, because my vacay footage is artsy like that).

So stay tuned...because if I ever unpack/locate/break down and buy the cord to upload vids from my video camera to my computer you may get to witness at least part of my amazing 3am commentary on the awesomeness of cartoons and their likenesses to their voices (I was possibly talking directly to cartoon characters who may or may not have been in my living room talking back to me...this was taken only minutes before the short period of unconsciousness that ended with me waking up sprawled across my kitchen table with the latest draft printed on my face. Unfortunately, I turned off the camera before this point, but I am pretty sure that would have been Oscar worthy footage right there...I would have called it "I Object: How Appellate Briefs produce a zombie army that you will eventually entrust in carrying out your expectation of justice served" or something else just as catchy and possibly shorter.)

Finally, because I know this is prohibitively long and without a roadmap and/or umbrella paragraph paired with my theory of this post, you obviously are horribly distracted and confused with my post, I would like to apologize. No, not for this post (I find maps useless, when will this profession catch up with technology and get GPS for Briefs) but for all my previous and future posts..I have reread some of them and have discovered my grammar and spelling are even more atrocious than I first believed...This will probably not change anything, but I am informing you I am aware of my shortcomings and electing not to deal with them in this forum because until someone pays me for doing this the opportunity cost of me doing something else, like say sleeping, outweighs that of actually reading what I have written and on top of that, my "H" isn't working 100% of the time...probably should fix that before exams:)

I wish I was pretty like Ryan Seacrest...

and I am pretty sure Paula has had either a stroke or lobotomy...

But, not really really why I'm here...
this is taking a good concept to a level I believe some of you out there can appreciate

P.S. Teri Hatcher, please stop butchering Carrie Underwood's song...that performance was a travesty, I'll call and donate if you erase that from my memory...

Can it be 2010 already?

Not only will I be done with law school (squee!), but both Rapunzel (in CGI bitches) and Toy Story 3 get released!
Back to the awesome animated musicality that made their predecesors staples and away from the hum drum story lines (sorry nemo, but where's your theme song?) that don't make for the awesomist of rides at theme parks....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

With Tax Time coming to an end... least for those of you who didn't get their own unique tax deadline (like if your parents decided to file your taxes for you for the first time on your 1st birthday, hey, it happens!)

This guy is singing the blues for you...
Favorite tracks:
Sarbanes Oxley
Audit Client Blues

He's no gangsta rapper [inside joke, you know who you are], but he definately should be taking the scene by storm really soon...if only the rest of the world realized how awesome accounting is!

Civ Pro Karaoke

Bad Day- Daniel Powter

sooooo uplifting!?!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Come Clean-Hilary Duff

This worries me...why does he have this song on a CD?

Yes, Discuss this amongst yourselves!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Tina Fey is someone I aspire to be BFFs with...

She's always losing her glasses — and sometimes she mixes them up with the fake glasses from the set. "At home I probably have four or five [pair] that I can never find," she said. "I went and got an eye exam the other day, a couple weeks ago, and [the doctor] tested my glasses and he said, 'You know these are props, right, that there’s no prescription?' And I had been wearing them around thinking that they were helping my vision."

If I wasn't completely blind without my glasses, this would be me!

Civ Pro Karaoke

Drops of Jupiter-Train

...maybe we will have a hypothetical where we try to move the venue to Mars?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Valley Girl-The Movie?

I have had a request to do a review of this movie...during my contemplation of this I came to a few realizations:
#1 This movie is 25 years old (which, btw, is an awesome age to be, especially in central PA!);
#2 Nicholas Cage is odd looking no matter what haircut he has;
#3 The Galleria will always suck, no matter if is a mall or and outdoor "plaza" area with retail, office space, sports club, movie theater, and one of the busiest Cheesecake's i've ever seen;
#4 My hair is under the assumption that since I was born in the 80s it should remain, well, 80s style;
#5 I started using Valley-speak, like, way before I was even old enough to see this movie; and,
#6 Even if you are from the Valley, nowadays you tell everyone you are from LA, not because you are ashamed of being from the Valley (it's like a badge of honor peeps, kinda like having a diverse group of friends if you are white, fer sure...), but because even saying you are from the Valley is too vague if you are talking to an Angelino, and means nothing to someone who isn't.
Therefore, this movie has not met my specifications for review at this time. This is not to say it is not one of the better non Brat Pack movies, but it has been overtaken as the "this would be your idealized life if you were lucky enough to be a LA teenager" by Clueless.
Just as a final thought, Law School...Gag me with a spoon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

For all you peeps who believe Jesus is magic:

Happy Easter!

Someone is going to have to explain the bunnies and eggs connection to me...bunnies don't come from eggs, do they?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

World Water Day

Help Make the Difference

One possible solution:

Just a side note...although this "box" may revolutionize the delivery of clean water to those who need it most, it looks mighty similar to my 4th grade science project, which would have gotten more notice if I was a middle aged geeky white male instead of a fabulously intelligent and popular 4th grade transfer student at the time...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Damn...a book deal?

You've seen this website Stuff White People Like
One of my peers directed me to it and I have had hours of laughs since. Now the author of this fabulousness has a book deal. And, I was wrong...I was almost positive this same peer had been secretly authoring these posts, but no, it was a Canadian! Now I will have to buy this book when it comes out because, most likely, it will be an uplifting read...
Damn you law school for making a must read book a downer!

Sorry, South Park + Robin Williams = a must post!

You have been randomly selected...

I received an e-mail that proclaims I have been randomly selected to have my trial brief picked apart by my peers...I am pretty sure I am respectfully declining this honor.
But this brings up an interesting was this random selection done?
It is already been proven that this professor miserably failed math (may I bring up the "bell curve" she managed to fit our grades under), so her use of the concept of random selection by her must be viewed suspiciously. Did she run a random number generator to choose which student, were darts thrown or dice rolled? How many students were included in the pot to choose from: all of us, those who ended up under or over a certain grade, students she feels the need to further torment? Did she include students from all her sections or just ours? And on that note, I will include that the e-mail stated that use of the paper would be done anonymously. Our class only has 16 people in it. If she is not including all her sections, then I will concede that the chances of me being selected are greatly increased, but the chances of my classmates figuring out it was my paper it as well. And the fact that only half of the class argued each side makes it even easier to figure out whose paper it is.
Furthermore, although to the class the paper will be presented anonymously, she will still know the identity of the writer, biasing her analysis of the writing and possibly crushing the writers fragile ego in the process (which may be her plan any-who, as the probability of this being a random selection is basically nonexistent).
So until I have been proved otherwise, possibly by actually demonstrating proper understanding of the concept of how numbers create a bell curve and what one actually looks like with values put into it, as well as using only those values outlined by, lets say, the school's grading method, I will refrain from accepting statistically derived anything from anyone using this email server, outliers will be rejected as such and exempt from the non-acceptance:) (and if that word stumps you, OUTLIER, see, you should have paid attention in High School Math, you did need it after you graduated!)

In response to a comment on a previous post...

Yes, I did watch Bug Juice, and it did rock!
That camp was not quite as cool as mine (mostly because I wasn't there and they had electricity in their cabins)
So in honor of my day off and the delusionality brought on by my fever I bring you one of the greatest title sequence songs ever:

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung...that means bunnies frolicking in the flowers and putting away those heavy sweaters and a possible wintry mix tonight...wait, a wintry mix!? Excuse me Mr. Weatherperson, it is spring now, there shall be no winter-like weather until next December, that is not how the seasons go! It has been flip-flop weather for the past few days (my toes were so happy to be freed from their socky confines). Is this payback for the week of nice weather we had heading up to the equinox? Maybe I can blame Al Gore for creating this whole global warming phenom that is changing our weather patterns...Alas, I guess I will have to use this lousy weather as an excuse to start Spring Cleaning (or go drink a bottle of wine, whatever strikes my fancy in the moment)!

Oh, and Happy 22 to my little sister!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snack time!

Bug juice (noun): the sickeningly sweet, obnoxiously unnutritious, beverage served to kids at summer camp. It's name comes from the fact that if it spills it creates a sticky mess that attracts insects of all sorts. It is made from a "fruit juice" concentrate which, if not diluted with water, can also be used to flavor sno-cones and/or glue skin to a metal table...

Favorite snack at camp: Lemonade and Nilla was always lemonade on Nilla wafer days, but not always Nilla wafers on lemonade days:(

I wish Law School had snack time...

Civ Pro Karaoke

I always have to steal my kisses from you...Ben Harper

not sure what the professor is trying to convey to the class with his selection today...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happiness comes in small doses when I feel like crap

Starbucks Article

Not that the downfall of starbucks makes me happy, and their elimination of the breakfast sandwiches bugs me, but the fact that I will soon not have to pay for my soy milk is fan-fabulotastic!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

"wonder's what might have been..."

very emo, very muffled, please sing into the microphone musicians!

May be appropriate today, though, becuase apparantly is the day to be artsy and analyze the cloothing color choices of the students...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Perhaps its a Fretalian thing?

Can someone explain the purpose of Dunkin' Donuts to me? When I first got here, it was a novelty...hey, a doughnut chain, we never really had that at home! (I am a big cake doughnut fan, so Krispy Kreme never appealed to me...) But, as time wears on, I realize this: Doughnut chains suck! At least they made the doughnuts at Krispy Kreme locations, here, you are damned to find a hot doughnut anywhere! And is this why there is a lack of coffee shops, because their coffee is soooooo fantastic?

When I think of doughnuts, I use the following criteria to evaluate:
#1 they are made at the same place they are sold
#2 they do not use other products to draw you in to buy their doughnuts
#3 they spell doughnuts correctly

I might be more open to your spelling issues if you had not formed the unholy alliance with Rachel Ray, whom I believe may be an evil demon who is conspiring to take over the few parts of my television that are not being invaded with reality competition shows.

So what is it that draws you out here to this locale? Is it something bred into you? Is there an addictive substance found only in their food products that brings you back? Or, is it possibly an undeveloped palate that certain populations suffer from due to lack of real food in their diets?

It's Pi day!

Once again we get to my second favorite holiday to come out of a math equation, Pi day. (and who, may you ask, made this into a holiday...Californians!)
This is the day where we got to pie our Chemistry teachers in the face, or have pizza parties, or just generally consume pies.
So celebrate today!
Buy a pie, make a pie, write a pi-ku (in a 3-1-4)...

Other great things about pie day...
left over pie/pizza in the fridge for the St. Patty's day hangover
3 months until Mol Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You want to be a Californian, don't you?

Not only do we have fantastic weather, authentic Mexican food, and pretty much the most comprehensive choices when it come to shopping, we also have the most influential legal system outside of King George yelling at peasants for interrupting his peace...

All this, fresh seafood, all year produce availability, surfing and skiing on the same day... almost makes up for the over inflated cost of living and threat of earthquakes and wildfires taking out that expensive real estate at any moment!

Civ Pro Karaoke Returns!

That's Life...Frank Sinatra

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where I am grateful I no longer live in L.A.

Yes, they have sunlight and I have this fabulous rain/wind storm outside my window, but , they also have extremely expensive gas that will go over $4 by memorial day (even if the current President hadn't heard the news about skyrocketing oil prices). And even more worrying than that, if there could be anything meriting importance over the amount it costs to power my SUV that I drive so I don't die while traversing the LA freeway system, is the fact that their seems to be fertility drugs in the LA water system! Everyone is preggers...did they ban the sale of birth control after I left? Next thing you know my poor cat will be having kittens! I must warn my parents to make sure my kitty is only drinking vodka from now on, its the only way to keep her safe...

Movie Review-College Road Trip

Yes, I saw it. Why? I was bored and it was playing after yoga...
It was funny in certain parts, but if you have seen the trailer, you have basically seen the movie. I was slightly disturbed by the relationship between the father and daughter they meet up with at Northwestern and apparently become best friends with. It seemed like they were a little too close, but it was a Disney father/daughter comedy so they just went to the extreme. And I know Disney has a stable of actors that they like to preliminarily choose from, but this movie played out like a list of 3-deal contracts they were trying to finish out; maybe it was to draw younger people in because most people know Raven from her role of Olivia on The Cosby Show and the fact no one this was made for is allowed to see movies Martin Lawrence has been in. And I like High School Musical, I really do, but does that mean your principals have to now have a major musical number in all you productions now (isn't HSM 3 enough!)? I get Enchanted, it's a fairy tale, there is always singing, usually including singing forest or ocean animals. There it was appropriate. Here, they end up on a Japanese tour bus and Raven's big number...and if Hannah Montana is gonna get flack for not wearing her seat belt in her movie, what is Raven going to have to put up with after children see her singing and dancing up the aisle of a moving bus?
Overall, if you are stranded at a theater and it is the only thing playing it will give you a few good chuckles...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring Break Time...

9 days of relaxation, well, 5 days without class cause nothing else really changes...
so far I've watched West Wing, traveled to IKEA, stocked up at Trader Joe's, successfully built a bookcase, unsuccessfully attempted to hang things from my cement walls (will attempt again or resort to super glue and duct tape), and explored DC!
now comes outlining, research, and possibly getting a chance to catch a matinee!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's not like there are any original storylines in Hollywood anyways...

With all the crap that has made it on the tube this season, I would totally watch this no matter how crappy the last 3 seasons were!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Slightly louder than normal today...

Can you make it easier...I'm a traveling man
What's the commotion?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars are coming!

Its Oscar night! Men looking suave in tuxes, already fabulous looking women in designer frocks(some better choices than others), and lots and lots of diamonds!
This year is interesting as the writer's strike just ended and therefore, they had to cancel the Vanity Fair party in order to show their alliance with the writers. One day, when I am a member of the Academy and I win my award for Outstanding Portrayal of an Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles(which I will lobby to have created). Alas, I am aware the statuette is not filled with chocolate and the closest I will ever come to getting to keep one is getting hired by PWC in LA and ending up on the team either counting ballots and writing myself in or being one of the partners delivering the envelopes and stealing a statue.
But on to the show:
Host by Jon I am pretty sure he bombed the last time he hosted and that was with a full writing staff spending endless hours crafting his witty one-liners rather than the cram time they were in this year...But, he is holding his own, there are those lines that just don't work, but overall, it isn't to bad, although I do miss the "host in the montage of all the nominated films" clip...aww billy crystal..
the outfits...hmm, apparently red is the color to wear and Katherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway are pretty much wearing the same dress. I am not sure if either of them really look better in it than the other, they both look equally unflattering. And Miley Ray Cyrus, may I remind you you are 15. I am going to go with the fact that you are making these strange clothing choices because you are 15 and you are trying to figure out your personal style and push the boundaries of what you can get away with wearing. We've all been there, I get that. But that gown, although flattering, would have been even more flattering if you had been like 21 while wearing it, save it and try it on then, you'll see what i mean.
the songs..if enchanted doesn't win it will be a statistical nightmare! They have 3of the 5 songs...but poor Amy Adams! Every other number had musicians, or other dancers, or other people on stage. She was there all alone, sort of theatrically dancing along, and then, her music cut off a beat or two too early. We all knew she wasn't really singing, but that was just not good technical work! And Once just won, great song, long shot odds, perfect Oscar moment...and Jon Stewart brought the girl back out to finish the speech that she got played off and wasn't able to give!
I do have one question though...where would you put and Academy Award on your resume? Is it under Extracurriculars, Work Experience, Skills, Education? I might just put it at the top next to my name in the header so they know who they are dealing with right up front! Do you carry it into interviews with you, put a picture in your wallet, hide it away?
And look out for next year...because if all goes as planned, both High School Musical 3 and The Hannah Montana Movie will be eligible to get nominated for Academy Awards...hey if Norbit can get nominated who knows what the Academy will end up doing:)

It's Tina Fey, bitch!

You are what you eat (or maybe it's what you grow up eating...)

Not a real meaty post (haha), but I am sitting here studying and am currently craving Mary's pizza, breadsticks, and there amazing ranch dressing...

As I have returned to the hallowed halls of education, the tendency to fall back into undergrad eating habits rears its ugly head. Unfortunately, all those places I frequented are back in Northern California and I am in Central Pennsylvania.
As a native Californian I grew up knowing In-N-Out was "what a hamburger is all about!" Back here, you may have Five Guys, but I will argue that they are in no way comparable establishments and I would choose In-N-Out if ever forced to choose.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1 class week until spring break!

Friday was a snow day! My first snow day ever, in my entire life! It would have been awesome if I could have gone out and built snow forts and have snowball fights, but alas, I am no longer 8 and I ended up sick in bed for most of it. And although not having class was awesome, we now have almost 7 hours of Crim law to make up, sheesh...
But I did go out, even if it was ever so briefly. And, that is what made me realize that I am getting old...I went home at 11 and promptly fell asleep, sad, I know!
In exciting happenings, SNL is back tonight and Tina Fey is hosting, with a little Steve Martin thrown in for the monologue. The opening sketch about the debate earlier this week, not their strongest political sketch, but the bones were definitely there, and I am a firm believer that the real contest doesn't start until SNL weighs in on the most awesome candidate traits...and Mike Huckabee showed up during Weekend Update, does it seem he is shilling for his own TV show for when he finally gives in?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Oops, I did it again..
I played with your heart...

Britney Spears in now involved in a Subject-Matter jurisdiction issue!

Yay, another class where reading Perez can be considered class prep!

Also, don't buy a SAAB's just a Subaru in drag...I learn soooo much in this class!
Update: Possible viewing of The People v. Larry Flint in class...more later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is it about Woody Allen movies?

Maybe its the fact that every actor I like seems to be in at least one of them.
Could it be the "witty" dialogue and the plots?
Might it have to do with the score?
Maybe its the fact that the end of Mighty Aphrodite is a song and dance number with a bunch of guys dressed as monks.
Alas, I will probably never find out, because, really, the movies are like watching an amusing trainwreck of other peoples lives and if I can no longer enjoy this, what will my life become!?

Meaning of life ala Me

In development...stay tuned!
(although you may need a calculator to help you out)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Karaoke...but still, I will post for you!

So today was a day with no class, but I believe the professors still showed up (maybe so they could gossip about us and drink until stupid without students running around, I'm just saying!)
So I got more done before 11 am today then I do on a normal day, but I am pretty sure that will never happen again...I outlined, read, and briefed for a good portion of the rest of the next week:)
Also, with my time I finished a book (reading not writing, thats still on the backburner, churning away in my convoluted mind)

It is part of a series (this is #2), but if you are in the market for a solid, yet easy, read, you should definatly check these out! Based in a linear time to ours (think sideways jump through time, not backwards or forwards), this series could compensate for more than one read at a time, as the heroine, Thursday Next, is a literary Specs operative charged with protecting all those classics you love and will from time to time interact with those characters that made the great books great by "jumping" into these stories to save the world, herself, and most importantly the integrity of the plot! And, because Jasper Fforde is one of my new favorite people, I will plug his other series about Jack Spratt and his Nursery Crime Adventures (if you look carefully in "Lost in a Good Book" you will see references), which you should not dismiss because you think they are about Nursery Rhymes, they are more on the level of the Gregory Maguire's takes on fairy tales like "Wicked" and "The Ugly Stepsister" (but without the sexual undertones), and like Wicked, this is no bedtime story for a 7 year old!

In other slightly funny, slightly serious news, this article brings up an issue I had never thought of. As our cars get quieter, which is where we are moving with the stealthy Prius and all, how will those of us who can't see the cars know they are there?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Hopefully your day is relaxing, unlike mine where I had to attend class...although tomorrow we have off...not sure why, but I am not complaining!

Add your own phrases for the missing one (please tell me you know who's missing!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Let me preface this post with a video that sums up this post:

I watched the Today Show this morning and saw a pair of shoes I just had to have, but cannot find them on the internets, which, you could say, frustrated me...

Similar, but not quite right!

The eternal question: Can one have to many shoes?

Some may say that shoes should not be elevated to such a level that people begin to covet certain pairs, but I disagree!
Shoes are art, fashion, and function all piled into one wearable expression. You could argue that fashion is art, which I agree with, but thats another post where I will steer you towards the light.
I can say with confidence that my shoe obsession started early in life. I ran into my Kindergarten teacher at Costco one day a few months ago and she said she remembered me because I always had the cutest shoes! I clearly remember some of these pairs, my silver Minnetonka moccasins, my pink cowboy boots, my pink saddle shoes...but enough about my shoe ownership history. Now, I have a closet full of shoes, overflowing, some may say.
Now why so many shoes? This seems to be a curse (or is it a fabulousness that has gone unrecognized?) that afflicts many women, but not so many men. I see men who are extremely picky when it comes to shoes, including one I am related to. Most of you have a very specific style you stick to religiously throughout your lifetime. There is nothing wrong with this, women do it as well, except we branch out and choose deviate for the purpose of trying something untested.
But, back to our one style we stick with. There are a few shoes out there that have stood the design test of time, ballet flats and sling-back mules, for example. I know I have one of two pairs that are modeled after the classics in my shoe collection (OK maybe more like 5 or 6).
And, I know all the shoes in my closet are in someway a reflection of me. I look through and see a large number of very classic, modern designs, but sprinkled in among the classic black pumps for work and the brown heels in varying heights, I find prints and metallic shoes, mary-jane flats and shoes with studs. And for all of you who say no one can wear all those shoes, I would like to point out that all the soles show a good amount of wear and tear! And there is an even rationaler explanation for my growing shoe collection, genetics! No, no, its not some primordial need to purchase footwear (although if that argument worked...hmmm), it the fact that I am barely 5 feet tall. For if I am to participate in the wonderful world of fashion as I would like, I am very limited in the depths I can dive to. Clothes are not made for people under at least 5'3", but look even better if you are 5'6". At this point, to wear off the rack you are looking at spending massive amounts on alterations that do not guarantee the garment will retain its lines once it is cut down. So, why would I spend $800 on a coat if in order for it to fit me I would ruin it! Therefore, I buy shoes. They always fit perfectly, no alterations needed.
So, by purchasing shoes, I am actually saving money!! [OK, not so much]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hoorah for snow storms!

Surfing the interweb I come across this tidbit...

One of the new IBL teams, the LA Lightning, is going to have its home court at CLU...just minutes from my childhood homestead!
Now, I see you scrunching your forehead at the screen, so I will enlighten you with what you are wondering-What the hell is the IBL? Well, it's the International Basketball League and there seem to be a lot of teams (don't worry, until 10 minutes ago I had no clue this existed either!)
Is this really cool, I am not quite sure. I never really got into B-Ball as a child (mostly due to the fact that I hated playing it because I am freaking short) and isn't the excitement of going to the Lakers and even Clippers games going to see the stars hang out courtside and buy cool foam fingers!?

But this is just another thing that makes the utterly boring and void of entertainment Conejo Valley that much cooler since I left.

Civ Pro Karaoke

I wanna put on My My My boogie shoes...

Monday, February 11, 2008

OMG fabulous news!!!

Beth got into law school today!!!
Congratulations and welcome to chaos!!!!

Maybe Slimer will save me from this insanity!

So I finished my brief and no matter how much fung shuieyness I applied to my apartment, I seemed to just make a bigger mess rather than gain sudden inspiration to make it the most brillant piece of work ever written by a law student...
On the bright side, I did find some awesomely cheap things on the IKEA website that I am considering purchasing to make my studio into a studio with a corded off sleeping area I can kind of hide and throw my mess into if someone were to ever come over, and if that did happen I need an awesome couch to bed futonish thing!
So that is my plan for spring break...or this weekend depending on the work load, weather, etc..OOOh and possibly a coat of blue paint and an abstract mural of the beach so no matter if its -12 out I can feel like its 82 and perfect if I turn on my heat:)
But, since I finished my oh so fab trial brief, I thought, hey, maybe I should read for my other classes! I know, I am so amazingly on top of things, I scare myself...But, I start with Contracts, cause, you know, I have that on Monday (once again, my organizational abilities are just above and beyond your expectatiotns!) and lo and behold after the crazy old lady who got swindled out of over $30,000 for dancing lessons and finding out she still couldn't dance we move to Fraud and what case shows up you ask? Oh, just the freaking poltergeist in the house case from Property last semester...this case opinion was written by a judge who has much to much time on his hands and really makes me question our judicial benches even more the second time addressing it. Sure its cute to make references to the "spirit" of the law and quote the ghost from Hamlet while making references to using the Ghostbusters to do a house inspection, but come on! I know the case is ridiculous, but I try to act professional while dealing with crazy people, you, as a member of the judiciary, should to.
And for all you WingNuts out there, did this feel like the judge they tryed to oust when he was loosing his marbles and began writing his opinions in Iambic Pentameter? Cause I think we need to get the wonder boys up to New York and see whats up:)


(and I promise, barring ice delays and computer malfunctions, Civ Pro Karaoke will return tomorrow morning at 10:15!)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Looking for new study tunes!

Studying in front of the tube...bad idea!
Studying in dead silence...what and allow those voices in my head to get a word in about this case, psha!

So I need playlist for last semester consisted of sugary sweet pop, angsty mean girl rock, and musical scores...generally music that is great for bopping along to (unless they are playing in your head during class...).
Alas, I am tired of people walking by me while I am studying and looking at me like I have 3 heads because of said bopping, so I am working on a new playlist...updating my music library with new and old stuff, a lot of indie rock that I am either discovering or rediscovering buried on the hard drive somewhere.

Listening to internet radio like Pandora and such, finding music like current music I like, but what I want is some stuff just from out of left field compared too what I already have!

So, internet friends, feel free to tell me what to listen to!

Job Search Time!

For all you 1Ls out there, the race is on to find that perfect summer job. Oh to think about summer, when the sun is out and its warm, compared to now when its gray and wet:(
And now we are all clammoring to get a position that will ensure we are ghostly when we return in the fall!
I have taken the passive approach to applying, sure, I'll send you my resume, will you do anything with it? Probably not unless you are looking for an auditor to audit client hours...I am putting my eggs in the "Go Abroad" basket for the summer! Experience new cultures, learn a language, go to class, all that fun stuff! Cause knowing my luck, if I go out of te country when I am actually working it will be to outer Mongolia or somewhere as equally exciting.

Who else is doing the job search tango? How's that treating you?

No Karaoke this week!

No, there was still class...I still have not gotten my snow day! (and when I do it will be sweet, cause it'll be my first ever!!!!!)
I was sick and then he was in Delaware trying to get people to flee the country...I mean, go study abroad... this summer:)

Back in full force next week, cause I know how all 3 of you lucky readers look forward to it (ok maybe one of you cause I think 2 of you are in class with me!)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

forget TV...YouTube is for procrastinating

So wandering around the youtube and I begin to wonder...when did every child receive a video camera/webcam and learn to use video editing software...I was pretty tech savvy as a kid, but I would have had no clue how to rip a TV show off my TIVO and edit in video of myself doing odd things.
Where are their parents monitoring this, I mean isn't the next step hacking into the NSA database and stealing sensitive material!

And more important...why aren't they busy doing their homework?! No wonder our math and science scores suck, we are to busy being emo on YouTube!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

If I get asked this one more time...

Yes I am from SoCal and currently residing in Central PA...Why? I have no freaking idea, really no idea. I make rash and strange decisions. Like moving from LA to Wine Country to go to college and Wine Country to Reno to work. How about, I like to move to new places and meet new people. Yes, that will be my new response cause it sounds better than I don't know, I am trying to find the spot on Earth with the most miserable weather and worst social scene (although, this may fit my current location well!).

Friday, February 01, 2008

new idea to pay for my starbizzle addiction!

ice cancelled my morning class so i am sitting here drinking coffee and surfing youtube for new hidden gems:)

but in my thoughts this one jogged by and then did a couple laps around the track up there...
i am going to make movies on my video camera! (wipe that smirk off your face! not porn)
cause my cam is currently collecting dust

think drunken history meet law school...
i smell razzie!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Norah Jones and the Little Willies

But I can't give you no more of myself...

Slightly depressing to start the day

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitt Romney has a slightly evil son

who would do this to their parent?

When I was younger there were 4 American Girl Dolls

I got Kirsten, my sister got the other 3....

Despite the inequality of doll gifting in my household, I always assumed they were rather progressive figures. Who knew they had such a different point of view:)

those books must be full of propaganda

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Britney Spears...Oops, I did it again...

I'm not that innocent:)

he thought that he'd play a song by someone who's life truly is a disaster

"I am Jon Paul, I do not need the products listed in the SPAM filter e-mail..."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

things i hear in civ pro today...

You have to learn to pace yourself, Pressure!

"your arms are as big as my thighs..."
"he wished to learn the love making secrets of the french"(fake french accent included)

Monday, January 14, 2008

statute of frauds, to music!

yep, its purpose is to prevent fraud by avoiding the "He said, She said"...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Crim Complaints

45 pages...we had to read 45 pages, and I read them all. For every class we should be prepared for 45 pages from the last case however much that would be, but for the first time it sucked. And guess what...we didn't even go over any of it! I am wasting to much time doing work when I could be sleeping, or going out....
Oh well, at least the crim-tort schedule I have allows me not to have to prepare anyhting for next week:)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Civ Pro II Karaoke-Class 1

And were are back for another semester of Civil Procedure!
The player is open so we are hoping for music....

But no sound!!!!
Apparently, it was supposed to be "Let's Get it Started", but oh well!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I swear, I went to a really good school!

ok, so every year my high school makes it into the top whatever public high schools the newsweek publishes...but that does not mean that the students can't make complete and utter fools of themselves and then post it to YouTube
Take a look at what my idle surfing pulled up:

I have no clue who these guys are (but, since the conejo is slightly incestuous, I most likely know their siblings) but they are a fine example of what you can accomplish by being an active member of the WHS choir!

And here we go again!

Semester 2, Day 1...
The scene opens about 1 hour before class starts in L202. For some reason people are already staking out their seats. Oh aren't we the optomistic bunch! We all came back! And then all our hopes and dreams were crushed as soon as the professor brought up that evil exam we had taken last semester.
Things I am looking forward to:
-most likely being in ILA, cause seriously, who am I kidding!
-27 dresses, James Marsden, I wasn't a fan when you were on TV, but now you are hot...i think its the singing and dancing!
-tax time! yes, taxes are fun and interesting (don't believe me? you go through the code and try to figure out the root of all the strange regulations, some of them are more porky than porky the pig!)
-snow days, cause I have never ever had one in my life!
-my pink hibiscus yoga mat (sooo purrrty!)
-my guitar safely arriving, so i can compose my angst riddled law school ballads in all my spare time

377(?) days until 1.20.09!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

You enjoyed geting your school supply list as a kid, didn't you?

Office supplies? You had a conversation about mechanical pencil brand superiority? What are you?
I hav come to the realization that law students have an unnatural affinity for office supplies. I am not sure if this is like a grad student thing in general, but it definately occurs at law school. And not only do we have strong opinions about which writing implements are superior, but we are fiercly brand loyal when it comes to purchasing them. For instance, I have a thing about pencils. They must be mechanical, with 0.7 lead. The erasers should be white, not black, and have that little metal thing on the bottom of them. I used to love my mechanical pencil, it was the Sumo grip one by sakura, that brand with the sparkly gel pens (you know, you have them in rainbow colors stashed at the bottom of one of your drawers). I paid lke $7 for it. I know $7 for a pencil?! But it was awesome, and we did awesome work together...hello who else got a 198 out of 200 on their second semester tax return? It, sadly, got lost in a move, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement...hence, I left the world of accounting and have gone to law school! (not the real reason, but that would be a great conversation, why did you go to law school? Oh, I lost my favorite pencil and just could't do accounting without it!)
I have had conversations that revolve around the benefits of ballpoint to felt tip, pencil to pen, spiral bound note books to composition books, but no item is as highly regaled by the law student as his highlighter! I have seen a "study fortress" constructed from them, I have seen color coded note taking systems making cases look like willy wonka threw up on them, and i have been handed many as marketing ploys. I have discovered if you want someone to remember you, you don't give out pens or stickers, you give out highlighters! Other than my laptop, it is the one thing I am lost without. I use them to find the holding (note to self: book briefing, try not to do it so much!), to point out important to dos, and most importantly, to draw with...wait, let's change that one to determining if we have all the parts of a CRAC seperate...
Highlighters are marvelous things. But you have to pick yours carefully, cause otherwise you make a mess. Are they to inky that they bleed on or through your paper, what do they feel like in your hand, how flouresent is the yellow, how is the line size control of said highlighter? I personally prefer the thin sharpie accent ones. If you are looking for a good highlighter take it out for a spin.

and that was my discussion on school supplies in preparation for the upcoming semester, I have my highlighters in front of me, but where did my books go?

Did that really just happen?

How does Hannah Montana turn back into Miley Cyrus during her concerts?

Is the second Hannah even a girl?! And what is up with that wig? Seriously, I mean come on, SERIOUSLY!!??!

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New me...

My resolution....become a more efficient person!
This mainly refers to my technique, or lack thereof, for class prep, but it fits well in other parts of my life as well. With classes starting again soon I wonder if I can do that. Maybe I should have made different resolutions, like to wear sunscreen or loose weight. Those may ve to simplistic for me at this point. I need a life makeover, a change to ensure whatever I am doing, I am doing it to the best of my current ability. In short, I need a cloning machine, because I am positive if there were more of me, not only would I get more done, but the world would be a much better place. We are aiming for a wider, more substantial(i.e., 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner...), search result when googling self other than my myspace page and the thousands of foreign language pages that have my last name being used as an adjective/verb(depending on the language).

Oh, and I am still writing my book, play, script, stream of conciousness, op-ed piece day it will be complete, although it occured to me as I sat in yet another airport chair today that I am going in a completely different direction at this point: Chicklit-esque (only in the context that the main character is female and she ends up getting her man at some point...but in a Aaron Sorkin's West Wing C.J. finally hooks up with Danny well destroying her relationship with Toby kind of way)