Monday, January 07, 2008

And here we go again!

Semester 2, Day 1...
The scene opens about 1 hour before class starts in L202. For some reason people are already staking out their seats. Oh aren't we the optomistic bunch! We all came back! And then all our hopes and dreams were crushed as soon as the professor brought up that evil exam we had taken last semester.
Things I am looking forward to:
-most likely being in ILA, cause seriously, who am I kidding!
-27 dresses, James Marsden, I wasn't a fan when you were on TV, but now you are hot...i think its the singing and dancing!
-tax time! yes, taxes are fun and interesting (don't believe me? you go through the code and try to figure out the root of all the strange regulations, some of them are more porky than porky the pig!)
-snow days, cause I have never ever had one in my life!
-my pink hibiscus yoga mat (sooo purrrty!)
-my guitar safely arriving, so i can compose my angst riddled law school ballads in all my spare time

377(?) days until 1.20.09!

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