Saturday, January 05, 2008

You enjoyed geting your school supply list as a kid, didn't you?

Office supplies? You had a conversation about mechanical pencil brand superiority? What are you?
I hav come to the realization that law students have an unnatural affinity for office supplies. I am not sure if this is like a grad student thing in general, but it definately occurs at law school. And not only do we have strong opinions about which writing implements are superior, but we are fiercly brand loyal when it comes to purchasing them. For instance, I have a thing about pencils. They must be mechanical, with 0.7 lead. The erasers should be white, not black, and have that little metal thing on the bottom of them. I used to love my mechanical pencil, it was the Sumo grip one by sakura, that brand with the sparkly gel pens (you know, you have them in rainbow colors stashed at the bottom of one of your drawers). I paid lke $7 for it. I know $7 for a pencil?! But it was awesome, and we did awesome work together...hello who else got a 198 out of 200 on their second semester tax return? It, sadly, got lost in a move, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement...hence, I left the world of accounting and have gone to law school! (not the real reason, but that would be a great conversation, why did you go to law school? Oh, I lost my favorite pencil and just could't do accounting without it!)
I have had conversations that revolve around the benefits of ballpoint to felt tip, pencil to pen, spiral bound note books to composition books, but no item is as highly regaled by the law student as his highlighter! I have seen a "study fortress" constructed from them, I have seen color coded note taking systems making cases look like willy wonka threw up on them, and i have been handed many as marketing ploys. I have discovered if you want someone to remember you, you don't give out pens or stickers, you give out highlighters! Other than my laptop, it is the one thing I am lost without. I use them to find the holding (note to self: book briefing, try not to do it so much!), to point out important to dos, and most importantly, to draw with...wait, let's change that one to determining if we have all the parts of a CRAC seperate...
Highlighters are marvelous things. But you have to pick yours carefully, cause otherwise you make a mess. Are they to inky that they bleed on or through your paper, what do they feel like in your hand, how flouresent is the yellow, how is the line size control of said highlighter? I personally prefer the thin sharpie accent ones. If you are looking for a good highlighter take it out for a spin.

and that was my discussion on school supplies in preparation for the upcoming semester, I have my highlighters in front of me, but where did my books go?

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Anonymous said...

How could I live without my Highlighter fortress? By the way my pen of choice is a Pilot Dr Grip gel pen, silver or blue (not pink or red), and I have to buy a new one each time exams come around each semester. This has been my habit since, like, 2002.