Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's not like there are any original storylines in Hollywood anyways...

With all the crap that has made it on the tube this season, I would totally watch this no matter how crappy the last 3 seasons were!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Slightly louder than normal today...

Can you make it easier...I'm a traveling man
What's the commotion?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars are coming!

Its Oscar night! Men looking suave in tuxes, already fabulous looking women in designer frocks(some better choices than others), and lots and lots of diamonds!
This year is interesting as the writer's strike just ended and therefore, they had to cancel the Vanity Fair party in order to show their alliance with the writers. One day, when I am a member of the Academy and I win my award for Outstanding Portrayal of an Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles(which I will lobby to have created). Alas, I am aware the statuette is not filled with chocolate and the closest I will ever come to getting to keep one is getting hired by PWC in LA and ending up on the team either counting ballots and writing myself in or being one of the partners delivering the envelopes and stealing a statue.
But on to the show:
Host by Jon I am pretty sure he bombed the last time he hosted and that was with a full writing staff spending endless hours crafting his witty one-liners rather than the cram time they were in this year...But, he is holding his own, there are those lines that just don't work, but overall, it isn't to bad, although I do miss the "host in the montage of all the nominated films" clip...aww billy crystal..
the outfits...hmm, apparently red is the color to wear and Katherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway are pretty much wearing the same dress. I am not sure if either of them really look better in it than the other, they both look equally unflattering. And Miley Ray Cyrus, may I remind you you are 15. I am going to go with the fact that you are making these strange clothing choices because you are 15 and you are trying to figure out your personal style and push the boundaries of what you can get away with wearing. We've all been there, I get that. But that gown, although flattering, would have been even more flattering if you had been like 21 while wearing it, save it and try it on then, you'll see what i mean.
the songs..if enchanted doesn't win it will be a statistical nightmare! They have 3of the 5 songs...but poor Amy Adams! Every other number had musicians, or other dancers, or other people on stage. She was there all alone, sort of theatrically dancing along, and then, her music cut off a beat or two too early. We all knew she wasn't really singing, but that was just not good technical work! And Once just won, great song, long shot odds, perfect Oscar moment...and Jon Stewart brought the girl back out to finish the speech that she got played off and wasn't able to give!
I do have one question though...where would you put and Academy Award on your resume? Is it under Extracurriculars, Work Experience, Skills, Education? I might just put it at the top next to my name in the header so they know who they are dealing with right up front! Do you carry it into interviews with you, put a picture in your wallet, hide it away?
And look out for next year...because if all goes as planned, both High School Musical 3 and The Hannah Montana Movie will be eligible to get nominated for Academy Awards...hey if Norbit can get nominated who knows what the Academy will end up doing:)

It's Tina Fey, bitch!

You are what you eat (or maybe it's what you grow up eating...)

Not a real meaty post (haha), but I am sitting here studying and am currently craving Mary's pizza, breadsticks, and there amazing ranch dressing...

As I have returned to the hallowed halls of education, the tendency to fall back into undergrad eating habits rears its ugly head. Unfortunately, all those places I frequented are back in Northern California and I am in Central Pennsylvania.
As a native Californian I grew up knowing In-N-Out was "what a hamburger is all about!" Back here, you may have Five Guys, but I will argue that they are in no way comparable establishments and I would choose In-N-Out if ever forced to choose.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1 class week until spring break!

Friday was a snow day! My first snow day ever, in my entire life! It would have been awesome if I could have gone out and built snow forts and have snowball fights, but alas, I am no longer 8 and I ended up sick in bed for most of it. And although not having class was awesome, we now have almost 7 hours of Crim law to make up, sheesh...
But I did go out, even if it was ever so briefly. And, that is what made me realize that I am getting old...I went home at 11 and promptly fell asleep, sad, I know!
In exciting happenings, SNL is back tonight and Tina Fey is hosting, with a little Steve Martin thrown in for the monologue. The opening sketch about the debate earlier this week, not their strongest political sketch, but the bones were definitely there, and I am a firm believer that the real contest doesn't start until SNL weighs in on the most awesome candidate traits...and Mike Huckabee showed up during Weekend Update, does it seem he is shilling for his own TV show for when he finally gives in?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Oops, I did it again..
I played with your heart...

Britney Spears in now involved in a Subject-Matter jurisdiction issue!

Yay, another class where reading Perez can be considered class prep!

Also, don't buy a SAAB's just a Subaru in drag...I learn soooo much in this class!
Update: Possible viewing of The People v. Larry Flint in class...more later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is it about Woody Allen movies?

Maybe its the fact that every actor I like seems to be in at least one of them.
Could it be the "witty" dialogue and the plots?
Might it have to do with the score?
Maybe its the fact that the end of Mighty Aphrodite is a song and dance number with a bunch of guys dressed as monks.
Alas, I will probably never find out, because, really, the movies are like watching an amusing trainwreck of other peoples lives and if I can no longer enjoy this, what will my life become!?

Meaning of life ala Me

In development...stay tuned!
(although you may need a calculator to help you out)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Karaoke...but still, I will post for you!

So today was a day with no class, but I believe the professors still showed up (maybe so they could gossip about us and drink until stupid without students running around, I'm just saying!)
So I got more done before 11 am today then I do on a normal day, but I am pretty sure that will never happen again...I outlined, read, and briefed for a good portion of the rest of the next week:)
Also, with my time I finished a book (reading not writing, thats still on the backburner, churning away in my convoluted mind)

It is part of a series (this is #2), but if you are in the market for a solid, yet easy, read, you should definatly check these out! Based in a linear time to ours (think sideways jump through time, not backwards or forwards), this series could compensate for more than one read at a time, as the heroine, Thursday Next, is a literary Specs operative charged with protecting all those classics you love and will from time to time interact with those characters that made the great books great by "jumping" into these stories to save the world, herself, and most importantly the integrity of the plot! And, because Jasper Fforde is one of my new favorite people, I will plug his other series about Jack Spratt and his Nursery Crime Adventures (if you look carefully in "Lost in a Good Book" you will see references), which you should not dismiss because you think they are about Nursery Rhymes, they are more on the level of the Gregory Maguire's takes on fairy tales like "Wicked" and "The Ugly Stepsister" (but without the sexual undertones), and like Wicked, this is no bedtime story for a 7 year old!

In other slightly funny, slightly serious news, this article brings up an issue I had never thought of. As our cars get quieter, which is where we are moving with the stealthy Prius and all, how will those of us who can't see the cars know they are there?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Hopefully your day is relaxing, unlike mine where I had to attend class...although tomorrow we have off...not sure why, but I am not complaining!

Add your own phrases for the missing one (please tell me you know who's missing!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Let me preface this post with a video that sums up this post:

I watched the Today Show this morning and saw a pair of shoes I just had to have, but cannot find them on the internets, which, you could say, frustrated me...

Similar, but not quite right!

The eternal question: Can one have to many shoes?

Some may say that shoes should not be elevated to such a level that people begin to covet certain pairs, but I disagree!
Shoes are art, fashion, and function all piled into one wearable expression. You could argue that fashion is art, which I agree with, but thats another post where I will steer you towards the light.
I can say with confidence that my shoe obsession started early in life. I ran into my Kindergarten teacher at Costco one day a few months ago and she said she remembered me because I always had the cutest shoes! I clearly remember some of these pairs, my silver Minnetonka moccasins, my pink cowboy boots, my pink saddle shoes...but enough about my shoe ownership history. Now, I have a closet full of shoes, overflowing, some may say.
Now why so many shoes? This seems to be a curse (or is it a fabulousness that has gone unrecognized?) that afflicts many women, but not so many men. I see men who are extremely picky when it comes to shoes, including one I am related to. Most of you have a very specific style you stick to religiously throughout your lifetime. There is nothing wrong with this, women do it as well, except we branch out and choose deviate for the purpose of trying something untested.
But, back to our one style we stick with. There are a few shoes out there that have stood the design test of time, ballet flats and sling-back mules, for example. I know I have one of two pairs that are modeled after the classics in my shoe collection (OK maybe more like 5 or 6).
And, I know all the shoes in my closet are in someway a reflection of me. I look through and see a large number of very classic, modern designs, but sprinkled in among the classic black pumps for work and the brown heels in varying heights, I find prints and metallic shoes, mary-jane flats and shoes with studs. And for all of you who say no one can wear all those shoes, I would like to point out that all the soles show a good amount of wear and tear! And there is an even rationaler explanation for my growing shoe collection, genetics! No, no, its not some primordial need to purchase footwear (although if that argument worked...hmmm), it the fact that I am barely 5 feet tall. For if I am to participate in the wonderful world of fashion as I would like, I am very limited in the depths I can dive to. Clothes are not made for people under at least 5'3", but look even better if you are 5'6". At this point, to wear off the rack you are looking at spending massive amounts on alterations that do not guarantee the garment will retain its lines once it is cut down. So, why would I spend $800 on a coat if in order for it to fit me I would ruin it! Therefore, I buy shoes. They always fit perfectly, no alterations needed.
So, by purchasing shoes, I am actually saving money!! [OK, not so much]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hoorah for snow storms!

Surfing the interweb I come across this tidbit...

One of the new IBL teams, the LA Lightning, is going to have its home court at CLU...just minutes from my childhood homestead!
Now, I see you scrunching your forehead at the screen, so I will enlighten you with what you are wondering-What the hell is the IBL? Well, it's the International Basketball League and there seem to be a lot of teams (don't worry, until 10 minutes ago I had no clue this existed either!)
Is this really cool, I am not quite sure. I never really got into B-Ball as a child (mostly due to the fact that I hated playing it because I am freaking short) and isn't the excitement of going to the Lakers and even Clippers games going to see the stars hang out courtside and buy cool foam fingers!?

But this is just another thing that makes the utterly boring and void of entertainment Conejo Valley that much cooler since I left.

Civ Pro Karaoke

I wanna put on My My My boogie shoes...

Monday, February 11, 2008

OMG fabulous news!!!

Beth got into law school today!!!
Congratulations and welcome to chaos!!!!

Maybe Slimer will save me from this insanity!

So I finished my brief and no matter how much fung shuieyness I applied to my apartment, I seemed to just make a bigger mess rather than gain sudden inspiration to make it the most brillant piece of work ever written by a law student...
On the bright side, I did find some awesomely cheap things on the IKEA website that I am considering purchasing to make my studio into a studio with a corded off sleeping area I can kind of hide and throw my mess into if someone were to ever come over, and if that did happen I need an awesome couch to bed futonish thing!
So that is my plan for spring break...or this weekend depending on the work load, weather, etc..OOOh and possibly a coat of blue paint and an abstract mural of the beach so no matter if its -12 out I can feel like its 82 and perfect if I turn on my heat:)
But, since I finished my oh so fab trial brief, I thought, hey, maybe I should read for my other classes! I know, I am so amazingly on top of things, I scare myself...But, I start with Contracts, cause, you know, I have that on Monday (once again, my organizational abilities are just above and beyond your expectatiotns!) and lo and behold after the crazy old lady who got swindled out of over $30,000 for dancing lessons and finding out she still couldn't dance we move to Fraud and what case shows up you ask? Oh, just the freaking poltergeist in the house case from Property last semester...this case opinion was written by a judge who has much to much time on his hands and really makes me question our judicial benches even more the second time addressing it. Sure its cute to make references to the "spirit" of the law and quote the ghost from Hamlet while making references to using the Ghostbusters to do a house inspection, but come on! I know the case is ridiculous, but I try to act professional while dealing with crazy people, you, as a member of the judiciary, should to.
And for all you WingNuts out there, did this feel like the judge they tryed to oust when he was loosing his marbles and began writing his opinions in Iambic Pentameter? Cause I think we need to get the wonder boys up to New York and see whats up:)


(and I promise, barring ice delays and computer malfunctions, Civ Pro Karaoke will return tomorrow morning at 10:15!)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Looking for new study tunes!

Studying in front of the tube...bad idea!
Studying in dead silence...what and allow those voices in my head to get a word in about this case, psha!

So I need playlist for last semester consisted of sugary sweet pop, angsty mean girl rock, and musical scores...generally music that is great for bopping along to (unless they are playing in your head during class...).
Alas, I am tired of people walking by me while I am studying and looking at me like I have 3 heads because of said bopping, so I am working on a new playlist...updating my music library with new and old stuff, a lot of indie rock that I am either discovering or rediscovering buried on the hard drive somewhere.

Listening to internet radio like Pandora and such, finding music like current music I like, but what I want is some stuff just from out of left field compared too what I already have!

So, internet friends, feel free to tell me what to listen to!

Job Search Time!

For all you 1Ls out there, the race is on to find that perfect summer job. Oh to think about summer, when the sun is out and its warm, compared to now when its gray and wet:(
And now we are all clammoring to get a position that will ensure we are ghostly when we return in the fall!
I have taken the passive approach to applying, sure, I'll send you my resume, will you do anything with it? Probably not unless you are looking for an auditor to audit client hours...I am putting my eggs in the "Go Abroad" basket for the summer! Experience new cultures, learn a language, go to class, all that fun stuff! Cause knowing my luck, if I go out of te country when I am actually working it will be to outer Mongolia or somewhere as equally exciting.

Who else is doing the job search tango? How's that treating you?

No Karaoke this week!

No, there was still class...I still have not gotten my snow day! (and when I do it will be sweet, cause it'll be my first ever!!!!!)
I was sick and then he was in Delaware trying to get people to flee the country...I mean, go study abroad... this summer:)

Back in full force next week, cause I know how all 3 of you lucky readers look forward to it (ok maybe one of you cause I think 2 of you are in class with me!)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

forget TV...YouTube is for procrastinating

So wandering around the youtube and I begin to wonder...when did every child receive a video camera/webcam and learn to use video editing software...I was pretty tech savvy as a kid, but I would have had no clue how to rip a TV show off my TIVO and edit in video of myself doing odd things.
Where are their parents monitoring this, I mean isn't the next step hacking into the NSA database and stealing sensitive material!

And more important...why aren't they busy doing their homework?! No wonder our math and science scores suck, we are to busy being emo on YouTube!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

If I get asked this one more time...

Yes I am from SoCal and currently residing in Central PA...Why? I have no freaking idea, really no idea. I make rash and strange decisions. Like moving from LA to Wine Country to go to college and Wine Country to Reno to work. How about, I like to move to new places and meet new people. Yes, that will be my new response cause it sounds better than I don't know, I am trying to find the spot on Earth with the most miserable weather and worst social scene (although, this may fit my current location well!).

Friday, February 01, 2008

new idea to pay for my starbizzle addiction!

ice cancelled my morning class so i am sitting here drinking coffee and surfing youtube for new hidden gems:)

but in my thoughts this one jogged by and then did a couple laps around the track up there...
i am going to make movies on my video camera! (wipe that smirk off your face! not porn)
cause my cam is currently collecting dust

think drunken history meet law school...
i smell razzie!