Saturday, February 23, 2008

1 class week until spring break!

Friday was a snow day! My first snow day ever, in my entire life! It would have been awesome if I could have gone out and built snow forts and have snowball fights, but alas, I am no longer 8 and I ended up sick in bed for most of it. And although not having class was awesome, we now have almost 7 hours of Crim law to make up, sheesh...
But I did go out, even if it was ever so briefly. And, that is what made me realize that I am getting old...I went home at 11 and promptly fell asleep, sad, I know!
In exciting happenings, SNL is back tonight and Tina Fey is hosting, with a little Steve Martin thrown in for the monologue. The opening sketch about the debate earlier this week, not their strongest political sketch, but the bones were definitely there, and I am a firm believer that the real contest doesn't start until SNL weighs in on the most awesome candidate traits...and Mike Huckabee showed up during Weekend Update, does it seem he is shilling for his own TV show for when he finally gives in?

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