Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hoorah for snow storms!

Surfing the interweb I come across this tidbit...

One of the new IBL teams, the LA Lightning, is going to have its home court at CLU...just minutes from my childhood homestead!
Now, I see you scrunching your forehead at the screen, so I will enlighten you with what you are wondering-What the hell is the IBL? Well, it's the International Basketball League and there seem to be a lot of teams (don't worry, until 10 minutes ago I had no clue this existed either!)
Is this really cool, I am not quite sure. I never really got into B-Ball as a child (mostly due to the fact that I hated playing it because I am freaking short) and isn't the excitement of going to the Lakers and even Clippers games going to see the stars hang out courtside and buy cool foam fingers!?

But this is just another thing that makes the utterly boring and void of entertainment Conejo Valley that much cooler since I left.

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