Thursday, February 07, 2008

Job Search Time!

For all you 1Ls out there, the race is on to find that perfect summer job. Oh to think about summer, when the sun is out and its warm, compared to now when its gray and wet:(
And now we are all clammoring to get a position that will ensure we are ghostly when we return in the fall!
I have taken the passive approach to applying, sure, I'll send you my resume, will you do anything with it? Probably not unless you are looking for an auditor to audit client hours...I am putting my eggs in the "Go Abroad" basket for the summer! Experience new cultures, learn a language, go to class, all that fun stuff! Cause knowing my luck, if I go out of te country when I am actually working it will be to outer Mongolia or somewhere as equally exciting.

Who else is doing the job search tango? How's that treating you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Im going to go the Starbucks, "was that grande bold?" route... Or maybe an internship at a judge's. Or australia.... who knows!!!!