Monday, February 11, 2008

Maybe Slimer will save me from this insanity!

So I finished my brief and no matter how much fung shuieyness I applied to my apartment, I seemed to just make a bigger mess rather than gain sudden inspiration to make it the most brillant piece of work ever written by a law student...
On the bright side, I did find some awesomely cheap things on the IKEA website that I am considering purchasing to make my studio into a studio with a corded off sleeping area I can kind of hide and throw my mess into if someone were to ever come over, and if that did happen I need an awesome couch to bed futonish thing!
So that is my plan for spring break...or this weekend depending on the work load, weather, etc..OOOh and possibly a coat of blue paint and an abstract mural of the beach so no matter if its -12 out I can feel like its 82 and perfect if I turn on my heat:)
But, since I finished my oh so fab trial brief, I thought, hey, maybe I should read for my other classes! I know, I am so amazingly on top of things, I scare myself...But, I start with Contracts, cause, you know, I have that on Monday (once again, my organizational abilities are just above and beyond your expectatiotns!) and lo and behold after the crazy old lady who got swindled out of over $30,000 for dancing lessons and finding out she still couldn't dance we move to Fraud and what case shows up you ask? Oh, just the freaking poltergeist in the house case from Property last semester...this case opinion was written by a judge who has much to much time on his hands and really makes me question our judicial benches even more the second time addressing it. Sure its cute to make references to the "spirit" of the law and quote the ghost from Hamlet while making references to using the Ghostbusters to do a house inspection, but come on! I know the case is ridiculous, but I try to act professional while dealing with crazy people, you, as a member of the judiciary, should to.
And for all you WingNuts out there, did this feel like the judge they tryed to oust when he was loosing his marbles and began writing his opinions in Iambic Pentameter? Cause I think we need to get the wonder boys up to New York and see whats up:)


(and I promise, barring ice delays and computer malfunctions, Civ Pro Karaoke will return tomorrow morning at 10:15!)

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