Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars are coming!

Its Oscar night! Men looking suave in tuxes, already fabulous looking women in designer frocks(some better choices than others), and lots and lots of diamonds!
This year is interesting as the writer's strike just ended and therefore, they had to cancel the Vanity Fair party in order to show their alliance with the writers. One day, when I am a member of the Academy and I win my award for Outstanding Portrayal of an Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles(which I will lobby to have created). Alas, I am aware the statuette is not filled with chocolate and the closest I will ever come to getting to keep one is getting hired by PWC in LA and ending up on the team either counting ballots and writing myself in or being one of the partners delivering the envelopes and stealing a statue.
But on to the show:
Host by Jon I am pretty sure he bombed the last time he hosted and that was with a full writing staff spending endless hours crafting his witty one-liners rather than the cram time they were in this year...But, he is holding his own, there are those lines that just don't work, but overall, it isn't to bad, although I do miss the "host in the montage of all the nominated films" clip...aww billy crystal..
the outfits...hmm, apparently red is the color to wear and Katherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway are pretty much wearing the same dress. I am not sure if either of them really look better in it than the other, they both look equally unflattering. And Miley Ray Cyrus, may I remind you you are 15. I am going to go with the fact that you are making these strange clothing choices because you are 15 and you are trying to figure out your personal style and push the boundaries of what you can get away with wearing. We've all been there, I get that. But that gown, although flattering, would have been even more flattering if you had been like 21 while wearing it, save it and try it on then, you'll see what i mean.
the songs..if enchanted doesn't win it will be a statistical nightmare! They have 3of the 5 songs...but poor Amy Adams! Every other number had musicians, or other dancers, or other people on stage. She was there all alone, sort of theatrically dancing along, and then, her music cut off a beat or two too early. We all knew she wasn't really singing, but that was just not good technical work! And Once just won, great song, long shot odds, perfect Oscar moment...and Jon Stewart brought the girl back out to finish the speech that she got played off and wasn't able to give!
I do have one question though...where would you put and Academy Award on your resume? Is it under Extracurriculars, Work Experience, Skills, Education? I might just put it at the top next to my name in the header so they know who they are dealing with right up front! Do you carry it into interviews with you, put a picture in your wallet, hide it away?
And look out for next year...because if all goes as planned, both High School Musical 3 and The Hannah Montana Movie will be eligible to get nominated for Academy Awards...hey if Norbit can get nominated who knows what the Academy will end up doing:)

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