Friday, February 15, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Let me preface this post with a video that sums up this post:

I watched the Today Show this morning and saw a pair of shoes I just had to have, but cannot find them on the internets, which, you could say, frustrated me...

Similar, but not quite right!

The eternal question: Can one have to many shoes?

Some may say that shoes should not be elevated to such a level that people begin to covet certain pairs, but I disagree!
Shoes are art, fashion, and function all piled into one wearable expression. You could argue that fashion is art, which I agree with, but thats another post where I will steer you towards the light.
I can say with confidence that my shoe obsession started early in life. I ran into my Kindergarten teacher at Costco one day a few months ago and she said she remembered me because I always had the cutest shoes! I clearly remember some of these pairs, my silver Minnetonka moccasins, my pink cowboy boots, my pink saddle shoes...but enough about my shoe ownership history. Now, I have a closet full of shoes, overflowing, some may say.
Now why so many shoes? This seems to be a curse (or is it a fabulousness that has gone unrecognized?) that afflicts many women, but not so many men. I see men who are extremely picky when it comes to shoes, including one I am related to. Most of you have a very specific style you stick to religiously throughout your lifetime. There is nothing wrong with this, women do it as well, except we branch out and choose deviate for the purpose of trying something untested.
But, back to our one style we stick with. There are a few shoes out there that have stood the design test of time, ballet flats and sling-back mules, for example. I know I have one of two pairs that are modeled after the classics in my shoe collection (OK maybe more like 5 or 6).
And, I know all the shoes in my closet are in someway a reflection of me. I look through and see a large number of very classic, modern designs, but sprinkled in among the classic black pumps for work and the brown heels in varying heights, I find prints and metallic shoes, mary-jane flats and shoes with studs. And for all of you who say no one can wear all those shoes, I would like to point out that all the soles show a good amount of wear and tear! And there is an even rationaler explanation for my growing shoe collection, genetics! No, no, its not some primordial need to purchase footwear (although if that argument worked...hmmm), it the fact that I am barely 5 feet tall. For if I am to participate in the wonderful world of fashion as I would like, I am very limited in the depths I can dive to. Clothes are not made for people under at least 5'3", but look even better if you are 5'6". At this point, to wear off the rack you are looking at spending massive amounts on alterations that do not guarantee the garment will retain its lines once it is cut down. So, why would I spend $800 on a coat if in order for it to fit me I would ruin it! Therefore, I buy shoes. They always fit perfectly, no alterations needed.
So, by purchasing shoes, I am actually saving money!! [OK, not so much]

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Beth said...

Shoes! A post entirely about shoes. I knew we were friends for a reason...

I also think that the reason women like shoes so much is that they ALWAYS FIT. You have fat days where you hate how you look in clothes, and if you go up or down five pounds you may not be able to wear your favorite skirt. But shoes will never let you down!

I bought another new pair today...That's four pair in a week--clearly I have a problem.

Oh, and "rationaler" is not a word. It made my inner English Major shudder...