Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Tina Fey is someone I aspire to be BFFs with...

She's always losing her glasses — and sometimes she mixes them up with the fake glasses from the set. "At home I probably have four or five [pair] that I can never find," she said. "I went and got an eye exam the other day, a couple weeks ago, and [the doctor] tested my glasses and he said, 'You know these are props, right, that there’s no prescription?' And I had been wearing them around thinking that they were helping my vision."

If I wasn't completely blind without my glasses, this would be me!

Civ Pro Karaoke

Drops of Jupiter-Train

...maybe we will have a hypothetical where we try to move the venue to Mars?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Valley Girl-The Movie?

I have had a request to do a review of this movie...during my contemplation of this I came to a few realizations:
#1 This movie is 25 years old (which, btw, is an awesome age to be, especially in central PA!);
#2 Nicholas Cage is odd looking no matter what haircut he has;
#3 The Galleria will always suck, no matter if is a mall or and outdoor "plaza" area with retail, office space, sports club, movie theater, and one of the busiest Cheesecake's i've ever seen;
#4 My hair is under the assumption that since I was born in the 80s it should remain, well, 80s style;
#5 I started using Valley-speak, like, way before I was even old enough to see this movie; and,
#6 Even if you are from the Valley, nowadays you tell everyone you are from LA, not because you are ashamed of being from the Valley (it's like a badge of honor peeps, kinda like having a diverse group of friends if you are white, fer sure...), but because even saying you are from the Valley is too vague if you are talking to an Angelino, and means nothing to someone who isn't.
Therefore, this movie has not met my specifications for review at this time. This is not to say it is not one of the better non Brat Pack movies, but it has been overtaken as the "this would be your idealized life if you were lucky enough to be a LA teenager" by Clueless.
Just as a final thought, Law School...Gag me with a spoon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

For all you peeps who believe Jesus is magic:

Happy Easter!

Someone is going to have to explain the bunnies and eggs connection to me...bunnies don't come from eggs, do they?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

World Water Day

Help Make the Difference

One possible solution:

Just a side note...although this "box" may revolutionize the delivery of clean water to those who need it most, it looks mighty similar to my 4th grade science project, which would have gotten more notice if I was a middle aged geeky white male instead of a fabulously intelligent and popular 4th grade transfer student at the time...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Damn...a book deal?

You've seen this website Stuff White People Like
One of my peers directed me to it and I have had hours of laughs since. Now the author of this fabulousness has a book deal. And, I was wrong...I was almost positive this same peer had been secretly authoring these posts, but no, it was a Canadian! Now I will have to buy this book when it comes out because, most likely, it will be an uplifting read...
Damn you law school for making a must read book a downer!

Sorry, South Park + Robin Williams = a must post!

You have been randomly selected...

I received an e-mail that proclaims I have been randomly selected to have my trial brief picked apart by my peers...I am pretty sure I am respectfully declining this honor.
But this brings up an interesting was this random selection done?
It is already been proven that this professor miserably failed math (may I bring up the "bell curve" she managed to fit our grades under), so her use of the concept of random selection by her must be viewed suspiciously. Did she run a random number generator to choose which student, were darts thrown or dice rolled? How many students were included in the pot to choose from: all of us, those who ended up under or over a certain grade, students she feels the need to further torment? Did she include students from all her sections or just ours? And on that note, I will include that the e-mail stated that use of the paper would be done anonymously. Our class only has 16 people in it. If she is not including all her sections, then I will concede that the chances of me being selected are greatly increased, but the chances of my classmates figuring out it was my paper it as well. And the fact that only half of the class argued each side makes it even easier to figure out whose paper it is.
Furthermore, although to the class the paper will be presented anonymously, she will still know the identity of the writer, biasing her analysis of the writing and possibly crushing the writers fragile ego in the process (which may be her plan any-who, as the probability of this being a random selection is basically nonexistent).
So until I have been proved otherwise, possibly by actually demonstrating proper understanding of the concept of how numbers create a bell curve and what one actually looks like with values put into it, as well as using only those values outlined by, lets say, the school's grading method, I will refrain from accepting statistically derived anything from anyone using this email server, outliers will be rejected as such and exempt from the non-acceptance:) (and if that word stumps you, OUTLIER, see, you should have paid attention in High School Math, you did need it after you graduated!)

In response to a comment on a previous post...

Yes, I did watch Bug Juice, and it did rock!
That camp was not quite as cool as mine (mostly because I wasn't there and they had electricity in their cabins)
So in honor of my day off and the delusionality brought on by my fever I bring you one of the greatest title sequence songs ever:

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung...that means bunnies frolicking in the flowers and putting away those heavy sweaters and a possible wintry mix tonight...wait, a wintry mix!? Excuse me Mr. Weatherperson, it is spring now, there shall be no winter-like weather until next December, that is not how the seasons go! It has been flip-flop weather for the past few days (my toes were so happy to be freed from their socky confines). Is this payback for the week of nice weather we had heading up to the equinox? Maybe I can blame Al Gore for creating this whole global warming phenom that is changing our weather patterns...Alas, I guess I will have to use this lousy weather as an excuse to start Spring Cleaning (or go drink a bottle of wine, whatever strikes my fancy in the moment)!

Oh, and Happy 22 to my little sister!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snack time!

Bug juice (noun): the sickeningly sweet, obnoxiously unnutritious, beverage served to kids at summer camp. It's name comes from the fact that if it spills it creates a sticky mess that attracts insects of all sorts. It is made from a "fruit juice" concentrate which, if not diluted with water, can also be used to flavor sno-cones and/or glue skin to a metal table...

Favorite snack at camp: Lemonade and Nilla was always lemonade on Nilla wafer days, but not always Nilla wafers on lemonade days:(

I wish Law School had snack time...

Civ Pro Karaoke

I always have to steal my kisses from you...Ben Harper

not sure what the professor is trying to convey to the class with his selection today...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happiness comes in small doses when I feel like crap

Starbucks Article

Not that the downfall of starbucks makes me happy, and their elimination of the breakfast sandwiches bugs me, but the fact that I will soon not have to pay for my soy milk is fan-fabulotastic!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

"wonder's what might have been..."

very emo, very muffled, please sing into the microphone musicians!

May be appropriate today, though, becuase apparantly is the day to be artsy and analyze the cloothing color choices of the students...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Perhaps its a Fretalian thing?

Can someone explain the purpose of Dunkin' Donuts to me? When I first got here, it was a novelty...hey, a doughnut chain, we never really had that at home! (I am a big cake doughnut fan, so Krispy Kreme never appealed to me...) But, as time wears on, I realize this: Doughnut chains suck! At least they made the doughnuts at Krispy Kreme locations, here, you are damned to find a hot doughnut anywhere! And is this why there is a lack of coffee shops, because their coffee is soooooo fantastic?

When I think of doughnuts, I use the following criteria to evaluate:
#1 they are made at the same place they are sold
#2 they do not use other products to draw you in to buy their doughnuts
#3 they spell doughnuts correctly

I might be more open to your spelling issues if you had not formed the unholy alliance with Rachel Ray, whom I believe may be an evil demon who is conspiring to take over the few parts of my television that are not being invaded with reality competition shows.

So what is it that draws you out here to this locale? Is it something bred into you? Is there an addictive substance found only in their food products that brings you back? Or, is it possibly an undeveloped palate that certain populations suffer from due to lack of real food in their diets?

It's Pi day!

Once again we get to my second favorite holiday to come out of a math equation, Pi day. (and who, may you ask, made this into a holiday...Californians!)
This is the day where we got to pie our Chemistry teachers in the face, or have pizza parties, or just generally consume pies.
So celebrate today!
Buy a pie, make a pie, write a pi-ku (in a 3-1-4)...

Other great things about pie day...
left over pie/pizza in the fridge for the St. Patty's day hangover
3 months until Mol Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You want to be a Californian, don't you?

Not only do we have fantastic weather, authentic Mexican food, and pretty much the most comprehensive choices when it come to shopping, we also have the most influential legal system outside of King George yelling at peasants for interrupting his peace...

All this, fresh seafood, all year produce availability, surfing and skiing on the same day... almost makes up for the over inflated cost of living and threat of earthquakes and wildfires taking out that expensive real estate at any moment!

Civ Pro Karaoke Returns!

That's Life...Frank Sinatra

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where I am grateful I no longer live in L.A.

Yes, they have sunlight and I have this fabulous rain/wind storm outside my window, but , they also have extremely expensive gas that will go over $4 by memorial day (even if the current President hadn't heard the news about skyrocketing oil prices). And even more worrying than that, if there could be anything meriting importance over the amount it costs to power my SUV that I drive so I don't die while traversing the LA freeway system, is the fact that their seems to be fertility drugs in the LA water system! Everyone is preggers...did they ban the sale of birth control after I left? Next thing you know my poor cat will be having kittens! I must warn my parents to make sure my kitty is only drinking vodka from now on, its the only way to keep her safe...

Movie Review-College Road Trip

Yes, I saw it. Why? I was bored and it was playing after yoga...
It was funny in certain parts, but if you have seen the trailer, you have basically seen the movie. I was slightly disturbed by the relationship between the father and daughter they meet up with at Northwestern and apparently become best friends with. It seemed like they were a little too close, but it was a Disney father/daughter comedy so they just went to the extreme. And I know Disney has a stable of actors that they like to preliminarily choose from, but this movie played out like a list of 3-deal contracts they were trying to finish out; maybe it was to draw younger people in because most people know Raven from her role of Olivia on The Cosby Show and the fact no one this was made for is allowed to see movies Martin Lawrence has been in. And I like High School Musical, I really do, but does that mean your principals have to now have a major musical number in all you productions now (isn't HSM 3 enough!)? I get Enchanted, it's a fairy tale, there is always singing, usually including singing forest or ocean animals. There it was appropriate. Here, they end up on a Japanese tour bus and Raven's big number...and if Hannah Montana is gonna get flack for not wearing her seat belt in her movie, what is Raven going to have to put up with after children see her singing and dancing up the aisle of a moving bus?
Overall, if you are stranded at a theater and it is the only thing playing it will give you a few good chuckles...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring Break Time...

9 days of relaxation, well, 5 days without class cause nothing else really changes...
so far I've watched West Wing, traveled to IKEA, stocked up at Trader Joe's, successfully built a bookcase, unsuccessfully attempted to hang things from my cement walls (will attempt again or resort to super glue and duct tape), and explored DC!
now comes outlining, research, and possibly getting a chance to catch a matinee!