Monday, March 24, 2008

Valley Girl-The Movie?

I have had a request to do a review of this movie...during my contemplation of this I came to a few realizations:
#1 This movie is 25 years old (which, btw, is an awesome age to be, especially in central PA!);
#2 Nicholas Cage is odd looking no matter what haircut he has;
#3 The Galleria will always suck, no matter if is a mall or and outdoor "plaza" area with retail, office space, sports club, movie theater, and one of the busiest Cheesecake's i've ever seen;
#4 My hair is under the assumption that since I was born in the 80s it should remain, well, 80s style;
#5 I started using Valley-speak, like, way before I was even old enough to see this movie; and,
#6 Even if you are from the Valley, nowadays you tell everyone you are from LA, not because you are ashamed of being from the Valley (it's like a badge of honor peeps, kinda like having a diverse group of friends if you are white, fer sure...), but because even saying you are from the Valley is too vague if you are talking to an Angelino, and means nothing to someone who isn't.
Therefore, this movie has not met my specifications for review at this time. This is not to say it is not one of the better non Brat Pack movies, but it has been overtaken as the "this would be your idealized life if you were lucky enough to be a LA teenager" by Clueless.
Just as a final thought, Law School...Gag me with a spoon!

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