Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where I am grateful I no longer live in L.A.

Yes, they have sunlight and I have this fabulous rain/wind storm outside my window, but , they also have extremely expensive gas that will go over $4 by memorial day (even if the current President hadn't heard the news about skyrocketing oil prices). And even more worrying than that, if there could be anything meriting importance over the amount it costs to power my SUV that I drive so I don't die while traversing the LA freeway system, is the fact that their seems to be fertility drugs in the LA water system! Everyone is preggers...did they ban the sale of birth control after I left? Next thing you know my poor cat will be having kittens! I must warn my parents to make sure my kitty is only drinking vodka from now on, its the only way to keep her safe...

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