Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Comment I've Seen in a while...

Following a post about how Nalgene Bottles are going to kill us all on FitSugar:

"i usually put vodka in mine, so i think the alcohol (151 proof) should kill the harmful material" -gospelukkfur

I think this commenter and I should be BFFs!

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Not really all that double take worthy but appropriate because my Contract's final is Tuesday...

Former Fox TV Studio Topper Sues for Unpaid Compensation

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

Law students are a unique population...they include people running to and running from things, people who have had everything handed to them and people who have had to struggle for everything they have, people using this to get exactly where they want and people using this as a time filler to figure out exactly where they want to get...but no matter the law student, there are 2 constants: the immense stress of finals weighing down upon them (this is not including the stress te weight of their casebooks on their spine) and the large amounts of alcohol consumed to lift the stress...

(not applicable in Utah)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

You have to be mentally unstable (read: insane, crazy, not sane by DSM-IV standards) to go to law school...Does this mean the thingy I signed to enroll and the accompanying loan documents are voidable? And further, can I collect damages for Severe Emotional Distress, because a mentally ill person cannot consent (and if you make a value argument, this Kort does not like the rule you are trying to argue for and will not adopt it, no matter what value you use to argue!).

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Penis Theft Panic Hits Congo Capital

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

A Communal Drug Test via the Sewer

Civ Pro Karaoke

Due to technical difficulties attributed to Widener IT, there will be no Karaoke today...

In terms of technology, you must be smarter than the item you are trying to use...

**Venting Steam**

#1 One of favorite, new shows of the year came back last night, and can I just say, I was utterly dissappointed...not only did the CW not take into accoun teh fact hey came back during my finals period, they have removed new shows from being legally viewed on the internet, so there goes 3 episodes I will never get to see, plus, the story sucked massively. I understand y'all have been on a forced hiatus and needed to create an arc to tie previous episodes to new ones, and you had to find some way to tie in Georgina, but come on! That was ridiculously ridiculous!! Maybe its a good thing I won't be able to watch the rest of this season...I will start my love affair again in the fall!

#2 They are remaking Teen Witch, which (haha) was a marginally good psuedo musical released in the late 80s that I remember vividly as the movie with that creepy lady from Poltergiest. This sounds fabulous, however, I should warn you, you can only remake so many 80s movies. If this succeeds do not, I repeat, DO NOT, touch any of the brat pack movies...You will destroy the hopes and dreams of many young adults out there(teenage crushes and cheesy soundtracks are sacred to the generation). Hollywood studio bigwigs, look out for the original fans, cast carefully...and remember, Zac Efron does not equal Emilio Estevez and/or Kevin Bacon...

#3 While speaking to my parents, they mentioned my dog was doing great...first, this is not my dog, this is their dog. They got this dog long after I moved out. Second, I have a cat. She live with my parents (the cross country trip just would have been too much for her morbidly obese kitty frame to handle). They mentioned nothing about my cat during this convo. Usually they complain about her laziness and general unkempt appearance (her style icon is Bob Marley), but nothing....Should I be worried?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day here in PA, walk don't drive to your polling place!

However, the following links lead to a few of my favorite eco-friendlier/organicer brands that I will drive my SUV out of the way to get:

Smell like the tropics while getting ready

People Against Dirty

Who knew cheese free pizza could be yummy!

Newman O-Boy

Spend those extra 5 minutes surfing today and instead of perusing Perez or TMZ for the 3rd time in an effort to put off that outlining, calculate your ecological footprint...

Go Greener (hey, I'm a poor law student living in central PA, I can only go so green!)

Random Thought of the Day

In "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was that sound effect miked or did someone actually research how that would sound?

Reader Item That Gets a Double Take of the Day

Jury Rejects Suit Over Rectal Exam

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

Passover is just not as awesome without the leftovers...actually having to make matzo into edible stuff sucks!

Random Thought of the Day

I am not sure how I feel about the people behind the counter at McDonalds having English as their first language...the food just doesn't taste as good either:(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I feel CBS has captured my feelings...

Furthermore, further Youtubing has led me to the conclusion that I attend the law school with the most unexpressive, uncreative student population ever!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Best Colbert Report (4/17/08) EVER!!!!

Civ Pro Karaoke

That's Life-Frank Sinatra

our hopes must be soaring as finals approach, just the song to bring us back down to where we need to be...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

No Doubt--Underneath It All

Analyze: "You're really lovely underneath it all..."

Happy Tax Day!
Go enjoy that free donut with your Dunkin coffee that you have to buy with your measly tax refund...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eli Stone LOL!

Watch the credits...the last one is Westlaw for all their books:)

When in the library, do everything but study!

OK, so most of you know my slight love of, you don't?
Forget torrents, forget having to go to every stations website, I got a queue for my tv shoes! It's like Netflix for TV! (Except for you ABC...Disney, got off your high horse and get involved here, I want my Eli Stone and Ugly Betty delivered straight to my queue, I don't want to go wait for your player to load or watch these shows when they are actually on TV!)
Enough free advertising (pay me Hulu people!!!!), but they added all of Studio 60!!! Now I don't have to buy the DVD set, cause I am a poor law student and have to pay for things, like, say, $4 gas!
And if you are in need of proof that people care about the actual pronunciation of Nevada, Watch the Nevada Day episodes and pay attention to the different pronunciation by John Goodman (who is supposed to be the judge in Parumph) and the rest of the people who are from LA...yes, they even pronounced it differently for effect!!! (And props to Beth for calling me seconds after this aired to confirm that Sorkin's obsession with detail went this far!)

Wait, are we now paying bonobos to write music for popstars?

Listening to the radio this morning I was awakened to the sound of a new single premiering....
Unfortunately, it sucked...the beat is danceable and you will never forget the lyrics (as there is pretty much one phrase repeated over, and over, and over...), but even Britney's music has some sort of feeling broadcast by the lyrics; all I got from this was that she apparently doesn't like wearing heels while dancing...I think you should probably talk to wardrobe about this issue rather than singing about it!
And here it is:

Of course, maybe I am misinterpreting this completely and she is telling her pretty "boy" boyfriend (he's just too pretty, no matter how muscled his biceps are, seriously, where did he get those cheekbones, can I have his surgeon's number?) to take of her heels and put on his sneakers so they can go dancing together and keep up this Mickey Mouse charade...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And coming up next on this thing called my life...

First of all, thank goodness that's over! Not only is my trial brief done and in, but my marathon day ending with those legal gurus we know as our methods tormentors is over as well!
So now all that's left is my oral argument and finals...
Wait, you thought this was happy news about what is to come?! LOL, no way, I'm a law student!

Alas, my apartment has fallen into chaos...I am contemplating writing to FEMA and asking them for disaster relief assistance, but I am worried they will send me one of those death trailers and spray paint calligraphic code on my walls!

I have also found a new battery for my video camera and took video of myself at various points throughout this last brief writing filled weekend of fun. Apparently, in the middle of the night, I am rather amusing when doped up on a mixture of way too much red bull and pure adrenaline (or maybe it was desire to say "shove it" with my brilliant legal analysis to my professor) and tend to ramble and speak rather quickly...hopefully, I can avoid these last two during my oral argument! But I must say I am rather impressed with my cinematographer skills (or lack of). Going back through the tape I took of my Jamaica Trip, I am so happy with the 5 minutes of footage I have of the headrest in front of me on the plane back where you can hear my travel buddy and me talking about the incessant rain and thunder outside, but yet, you see none of this. You do, however, get to see the couple who were sitting across the aisle from us (yea, that's right, just 2 people 'cause we were in first class!) and ended up being on the wrong flight and had to get off and the amazing footage i took in the 1st class lounge through the shutters of our lounge area (why shutters, because my vacay footage is artsy like that).

So stay tuned...because if I ever unpack/locate/break down and buy the cord to upload vids from my video camera to my computer you may get to witness at least part of my amazing 3am commentary on the awesomeness of cartoons and their likenesses to their voices (I was possibly talking directly to cartoon characters who may or may not have been in my living room talking back to me...this was taken only minutes before the short period of unconsciousness that ended with me waking up sprawled across my kitchen table with the latest draft printed on my face. Unfortunately, I turned off the camera before this point, but I am pretty sure that would have been Oscar worthy footage right there...I would have called it "I Object: How Appellate Briefs produce a zombie army that you will eventually entrust in carrying out your expectation of justice served" or something else just as catchy and possibly shorter.)

Finally, because I know this is prohibitively long and without a roadmap and/or umbrella paragraph paired with my theory of this post, you obviously are horribly distracted and confused with my post, I would like to apologize. No, not for this post (I find maps useless, when will this profession catch up with technology and get GPS for Briefs) but for all my previous and future posts..I have reread some of them and have discovered my grammar and spelling are even more atrocious than I first believed...This will probably not change anything, but I am informing you I am aware of my shortcomings and electing not to deal with them in this forum because until someone pays me for doing this the opportunity cost of me doing something else, like say sleeping, outweighs that of actually reading what I have written and on top of that, my "H" isn't working 100% of the time...probably should fix that before exams:)

I wish I was pretty like Ryan Seacrest...

and I am pretty sure Paula has had either a stroke or lobotomy...

But, not really really why I'm here...
this is taking a good concept to a level I believe some of you out there can appreciate

P.S. Teri Hatcher, please stop butchering Carrie Underwood's song...that performance was a travesty, I'll call and donate if you erase that from my memory...

Can it be 2010 already?

Not only will I be done with law school (squee!), but both Rapunzel (in CGI bitches) and Toy Story 3 get released!
Back to the awesome animated musicality that made their predecesors staples and away from the hum drum story lines (sorry nemo, but where's your theme song?) that don't make for the awesomist of rides at theme parks....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

With Tax Time coming to an end... least for those of you who didn't get their own unique tax deadline (like if your parents decided to file your taxes for you for the first time on your 1st birthday, hey, it happens!)

This guy is singing the blues for you...
Favorite tracks:
Sarbanes Oxley
Audit Client Blues

He's no gangsta rapper [inside joke, you know who you are], but he definately should be taking the scene by storm really soon...if only the rest of the world realized how awesome accounting is!

Civ Pro Karaoke

Bad Day- Daniel Powter

sooooo uplifting!?!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Civ Pro Karaoke

Come Clean-Hilary Duff

This worries me...why does he have this song on a CD?

Yes, Discuss this amongst yourselves!