Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And coming up next on this thing called my life...

First of all, thank goodness that's over! Not only is my trial brief done and in, but my marathon day ending with those legal gurus we know as our methods tormentors is over as well!
So now all that's left is my oral argument and finals...
Wait, you thought this was happy news about what is to come?! LOL, no way, I'm a law student!

Alas, my apartment has fallen into chaos...I am contemplating writing to FEMA and asking them for disaster relief assistance, but I am worried they will send me one of those death trailers and spray paint calligraphic code on my walls!

I have also found a new battery for my video camera and took video of myself at various points throughout this last brief writing filled weekend of fun. Apparently, in the middle of the night, I am rather amusing when doped up on a mixture of way too much red bull and pure adrenaline (or maybe it was desire to say "shove it" with my brilliant legal analysis to my professor) and tend to ramble and speak rather quickly...hopefully, I can avoid these last two during my oral argument! But I must say I am rather impressed with my cinematographer skills (or lack of). Going back through the tape I took of my Jamaica Trip, I am so happy with the 5 minutes of footage I have of the headrest in front of me on the plane back where you can hear my travel buddy and me talking about the incessant rain and thunder outside, but yet, you see none of this. You do, however, get to see the couple who were sitting across the aisle from us (yea, that's right, just 2 people 'cause we were in first class!) and ended up being on the wrong flight and had to get off and the amazing footage i took in the 1st class lounge through the shutters of our lounge area (why shutters, because my vacay footage is artsy like that).

So stay tuned...because if I ever unpack/locate/break down and buy the cord to upload vids from my video camera to my computer you may get to witness at least part of my amazing 3am commentary on the awesomeness of cartoons and their likenesses to their voices (I was possibly talking directly to cartoon characters who may or may not have been in my living room talking back to me...this was taken only minutes before the short period of unconsciousness that ended with me waking up sprawled across my kitchen table with the latest draft printed on my face. Unfortunately, I turned off the camera before this point, but I am pretty sure that would have been Oscar worthy footage right there...I would have called it "I Object: How Appellate Briefs produce a zombie army that you will eventually entrust in carrying out your expectation of justice served" or something else just as catchy and possibly shorter.)

Finally, because I know this is prohibitively long and without a roadmap and/or umbrella paragraph paired with my theory of this post, you obviously are horribly distracted and confused with my post, I would like to apologize. No, not for this post (I find maps useless, when will this profession catch up with technology and get GPS for Briefs) but for all my previous and future posts..I have reread some of them and have discovered my grammar and spelling are even more atrocious than I first believed...This will probably not change anything, but I am informing you I am aware of my shortcomings and electing not to deal with them in this forum because until someone pays me for doing this the opportunity cost of me doing something else, like say sleeping, outweighs that of actually reading what I have written and on top of that, my "H" isn't working 100% of the time...probably should fix that before exams:)

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