Tuesday, April 22, 2008

**Venting Steam**

#1 One of favorite, new shows of the year came back last night, and can I just say, I was utterly dissappointed...not only did the CW not take into accoun teh fact hey came back during my finals period, they have removed new shows from being legally viewed on the internet, so there goes 3 episodes I will never get to see, plus, the story sucked massively. I understand y'all have been on a forced hiatus and needed to create an arc to tie previous episodes to new ones, and you had to find some way to tie in Georgina, but come on! That was ridiculously ridiculous!! Maybe its a good thing I won't be able to watch the rest of this season...I will start my love affair again in the fall!

#2 They are remaking Teen Witch, which (haha) was a marginally good psuedo musical released in the late 80s that I remember vividly as the movie with that creepy lady from Poltergiest. This sounds fabulous, however, I should warn you, you can only remake so many 80s movies. If this succeeds do not, I repeat, DO NOT, touch any of the brat pack movies...You will destroy the hopes and dreams of many young adults out there(teenage crushes and cheesy soundtracks are sacred to the generation). Hollywood studio bigwigs, look out for the original fans, cast carefully...and remember, Zac Efron does not equal Emilio Estevez and/or Kevin Bacon...

#3 While speaking to my parents, they mentioned my dog was doing great...first, this is not my dog, this is their dog. They got this dog long after I moved out. Second, I have a cat. She live with my parents (the cross country trip just would have been too much for her morbidly obese kitty frame to handle). They mentioned nothing about my cat during this convo. Usually they complain about her laziness and general unkempt appearance (her style icon is Bob Marley), but nothing....Should I be worried?

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