Sunday, April 13, 2008

When in the library, do everything but study!

OK, so most of you know my slight love of, you don't?
Forget torrents, forget having to go to every stations website, I got a queue for my tv shoes! It's like Netflix for TV! (Except for you ABC...Disney, got off your high horse and get involved here, I want my Eli Stone and Ugly Betty delivered straight to my queue, I don't want to go wait for your player to load or watch these shows when they are actually on TV!)
Enough free advertising (pay me Hulu people!!!!), but they added all of Studio 60!!! Now I don't have to buy the DVD set, cause I am a poor law student and have to pay for things, like, say, $4 gas!
And if you are in need of proof that people care about the actual pronunciation of Nevada, Watch the Nevada Day episodes and pay attention to the different pronunciation by John Goodman (who is supposed to be the judge in Parumph) and the rest of the people who are from LA...yes, they even pronounced it differently for effect!!! (And props to Beth for calling me seconds after this aired to confirm that Sorkin's obsession with detail went this far!)


Berto said...

How is it that I had never heard of before? This could be the best website ever.

Berto said...

Yup. Just had to look through your site because I couldn't find the name of that damn website.


shortKort said...

thank goodness they have created something that can fill the void not having to study leaves in our lives!