Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greeting from sunny southern CA!

Sorry for the lack of posting...I've been jet laged, catching up on the slept i missed during finals, outside...needless to say, I've had slightly better things to do:)
Currently I am lounging in my backyard trying to finish the book i was reading and getting my much needed daily dose of Vitamin D.

The thermometer thing out here says its just above 80 and breezy, which is why I am here today and not down at the'll be like 60 there, better off to wait until tomorrow when it hits 100 here, cause then it'll be 80 down there and much more pleasant all around. Unfortunately for me my parents have moved in between an elementary school and a parochial school so I currently have recess on all sides; fortunately for me I have an iPod with awesome earbuds.
Just so I'm not all sunshine and daisys (so unlike me, I know!), gas is either at or above $4 and I have tanlines from when I helped my mom gather her zillions of lemons from her freaking tree this weekend...

PS...Pinkberry kicks Rita's icey ass!!!

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