Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iron Man

Are you into Marvel Comic book characters? Do you like the idea of real issues being solved by these characters? Well, if you answered yes, or possibly even no, this movie is for you!
Iron Man delivered. There was never a boring moment, the plot flowed nicely, and even if you knew nothing of Iron Man before seeing the film, you managed to walk away with the full understanding of the character. The actors portraying each character gave great performances. I was especially impressed with the make-up; other than that voice, Jeff Bridges was pretty unrecognizable as Obadiah Stane. The plot was littered with glimmers of plot-lines where the sequels can pick up, and there will be a sequel (possibly more, who knows what the new Marvel Studios has put into the pipeline!); however there was one issue, the easter egg type clip at the end, was it really necessary for me to sit through 20 minutes of credits for a 30 second clip?
This franchise so far is worth every penny it has earned so far, but with all the hype, you have to wonder if they can live up to it a second time around...we'll have to just wait and see!

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