Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pirates 3 in HD!

Since I have been at my parents, I have experienced the wonder of their cable. They have HD, they have DVR, they have 100+ foreign language stations, it's pretty awesome when you feel like vegging out. Ironically, there has been very little on the 800 stations that I feel like watching. I find myself being drawn back to the same movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End. I am pretty sure I have now seen it five or six times since I got home, and each time, something about the kid in the opening scene bothered me. This morning I watched it in HD and suddenly the answer became clear...the kid has braces! I am all for orthodontia, but I am pretty sure that they did not have ceramic bracket braces, or any braces for that matter in this historical period.
This is the clip...the quality isn't fantastic, but hey I found it on YouTube and you can kind of see it if you look really close...

Sure the braces are "clear" and the kid works in the small part, but come on Disney, how many kids tried out for the part that did not have braces? I am pretty sure one of them could have played the role of the singing street kid about to get hung just as well.

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