Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apparently it is that time of year!

List Time!

Whether it's your To Do list or your list of Goals (or even your list of things worrying you if you are attempting the Carolina Cocaine Cure)it is that time where people use the technology available to compile them

So here is mine
Reasons why my George Forman is possibly one of the greatest inventions ever:
Grilled Cheese
Hamburgers w/out a BBQ
If Bobby Flay can grill Pineapple, so can I
The Drip Pan, cause the runoff makes me feel like what I am eating just got healthier
The Broiling hinge on mine...oh yeah, I can melt the cheese on my burgers
Grilled Cheese
No flare ups!
grill marks make veggies taste better
They can color coordinate-the one I had in my dorm (illegally, shh! don't tell) was purple
Banana's Forman...that's right, the act of flambeing is for losers
It won't give me cancer like the Hulk Hogan one
It doesn't leave charred bits that will give me cancer
ooh, and the grilled cheese!

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