Friday, July 18, 2008

Where did the Good Things go?

First, you publish the most awesome magazine that I have been able to purchase in the US, then you create a blog that has daily posts by your mag editors that are actual blog items I enjoy reading and further investigating the items you post about....and finally Martha, you tear it away from me! You cancel Blueprint, but you keep Bluelines up, and that sustained me, even throughout my deep disappointment caused by the loss of my new favorite publication, no matter how short it was available in my life. Then, Martha, you start by replacing the Bluelines blog, I know that the original staff also worked at your now defunct magazine and most likely went on to bigger and better magazine jobs after being kicked to the curb, but the individuals keeping the blog rolling, number 1, failed to post anything as intriguing as the original group (you can only have so many posts about some artist's collection of antique plates), and number 2, did not post all that frequently...and now, I read a post that Bluelines is no longer being published.
I know there were obvious problems with the Blueprint publication...starting and stopping feature series, no real set number of issues published per year, novice photoshop users in your graphics department (yea, I noticed your lack of expertise at layering images, may I suggest Photoshop for Dummies?). And as much as the subsequent bloggers at Bluelines differed form the original group, they hit the mark every once in a while and that brought warmth to my heart when I read those entries.
I am left to ponder what will become of the market segment you have so carelessly thrown by the wayside?
They are too young to be subscribers to your major publication, too employed to have the time to watch your show, too flush with cash to care that you have a line at K-Mart, and too driven to wait for you to come back to them...
As your core audience nears an age where scrimping on luxuries like magazine subscriptions becomes necessary because of reliance on a limited income and with the country heading into a recession, MSLO, I ask you, did you decide that my age bracket was not a beneficial target audience for you to retain?
At least this bad business decision won't land you in prison...

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