Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I knew it! (and it will be mine...whahahaha)

I have been waiting for the elusive iPhone mini/nanoPod (rights to this name ramian with me as Apple did not appreciate my calling their iPod nano a nanoPod) version to come back out and greet the world with its fabulousity...people said I was crazy when I said of course they are releasing one and on top of that they are putting it out through Verizon...never, they said, impossible, wrong network type hoohaw, blah blah blah...Well, the rumors are rumbling and they seem to point to what I have been saying all along!

Steve-I am sorry US patent law ruins all your secret plans and that bloggers pick up on little things and expose your plans for world domination, but...

Can I have mine now? I promise to not show it to anyone, really, pinkie swear...;-)


Unknown said...

I call shenanigans. CDMA is way too small a market (relative to the global pull of GSM) to warrant Apple's push to design one just for Verizon.

Also, that site you linked to? The kid says "irregardless" which...ugh. Hurts my eyes and brain.

shortKort said...

you and your grammar...booooo!
can't you just be excited for the awesomeness that will be coming our way?
xoxo future iPhone owning girl