Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am an internet junkie...

I tried really hard for a long time, but I finally broke down and got in house internet service.
(By tried really hard, I mean searched aimlessly for unprotected sources; long time means for the last 6 months; and, in house means I now have internet where ever I decide to have my laptop, whether it be a coffee house, my apartment, the beach...)

I attempted to survive off the wireless at school and the random wireless I could pick up in my building, but my neighbors soon caught on to my game and the one reliable source I could count on moved out. The whole only at school thing worked for a while, but if I stayed home one day I would come to find 50 new emails the next morning all begging to be read. My reader still has not recovered, hovering at around 200 unread posts that I still haven't gotten to, but I am sure they will be worthy reads. I have had to read for my classes as pulling a brief off the internet was not as easy as it used to be and might have required me waking up earlier. My twitter suffered, as I was posting almost solely by text on my ancient RAZR (which will be replaced upon graduation using the remainder of my K to transfer to phone service for the spiffy new iPhone [or insert other awesome phone/media dohicky that is out and better than the iPhone] I will be getting). My blogging became nonexistant. Facebook? The status I posted still has something to do with studying for last semester's finals.

My life was slowly becoming less interesting. I have become addicted to TV shows and made time to watch them at the time they aired because I had no way to watch them online. I was reading books at night, before bed, instead of randomly surfing the internet looking at neat decorating/cooking tips. I was fiddling with my snazzy new dutch oven and making dishes of many varieties and colors. I ran out of tubberware for my leftovers. I was a version of me I have never experienced before. It was disturbing to say the least.

I grew up on the internet. As I got older, the internet got more useful (hello blogging), and efficienter (Googleing over AOL), and better (kinda like me!). I missed being connected 24/7, terribly. It was eating away at my soul.

But, I have returned triumphantly, reclaiming what was rightfully mine to mindlessly surf around. In the past few days I have twittered the Oscars, I have figured out why my plants have been commiting hari kari, and found a recipie to use up the case of Guiness I have on my pantry shelf. Life is worth living again. If you look outside you see clear, sunny skies. Plants are growing (at least on my window) and animals are singing (seriously, there is a cat howling outside). And to top it off, I got pics of my kitty! Oh glorious, magical internet, I promise never to be without you again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tragic News

ABC Family is not bringing back The Middleman...they would rather have a show about whiny pregnant teenagers and surviving as a family living in the 'hood. Good riddance ABC Family. I bid you adieu as you no longer fill my needs as a viewer of your programming.

In the world of TV today i am left with few choices for quality scripted programming and this saddens me.

I shall have to live with the finale being in paperback form...

Monday, February 09, 2009

If similar interests are treated similarly, Harrisburg has not arrived...

"Still, an In-N-Out, Case said, would signal that Escondido has arrived, like when a city finally gets a Trader Joe's grocery store or, years ago, its first Starbucks."

-from here

further, this article goes on to point out that in-n-out is so important to society that it can make or break a political career for CA politicians...I wholly agree...if you are against In-N-Out (and I know vegetarians who are FOR in-n-out [mmm grilled cheese animal style] so that is NO excuse!) you are against America and should be a sent to Gitmo and water boarded with spread (mmmm spread....)

P.S. Harrisburg, this means you need a TJs, cause if you get a TJs then In-N-Out may consider jumping the Mississippi (and the Rockies, and the Plains, and well most of the country) and set up shop here so I can get my neopolitan shakes, 4x4's, and animal style fries (that's right, I order off the "secret" menu, and have never actually finished a 4x4, but I would like the chance to attempt it again) and not be stuck with the lousy replacement that 5 Guys tries to offer me as a hamburger place.

Rambling over...rumbly in my tumbly commencing...it really is what a hamburger is all about :)