Monday, February 09, 2009

If similar interests are treated similarly, Harrisburg has not arrived...

"Still, an In-N-Out, Case said, would signal that Escondido has arrived, like when a city finally gets a Trader Joe's grocery store or, years ago, its first Starbucks."

-from here

further, this article goes on to point out that in-n-out is so important to society that it can make or break a political career for CA politicians...I wholly agree...if you are against In-N-Out (and I know vegetarians who are FOR in-n-out [mmm grilled cheese animal style] so that is NO excuse!) you are against America and should be a sent to Gitmo and water boarded with spread (mmmm spread....)

P.S. Harrisburg, this means you need a TJs, cause if you get a TJs then In-N-Out may consider jumping the Mississippi (and the Rockies, and the Plains, and well most of the country) and set up shop here so I can get my neopolitan shakes, 4x4's, and animal style fries (that's right, I order off the "secret" menu, and have never actually finished a 4x4, but I would like the chance to attempt it again) and not be stuck with the lousy replacement that 5 Guys tries to offer me as a hamburger place.

Rambling over...rumbly in my tumbly really is what a hamburger is all about :)

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