Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This may just be too much->

Even my background as a left coaster, with all my crazy liberal leanings and blasé attitude regarding the treating of pets as children by putting the in strollers, i cannot wrap my head around why anyone would purchase this for their animal (although it does make him look precious)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Newsworthy? I will be the judge!

Lately, I have been reading my hometown paper online. This should not be a development of any sort, except for the fact that even while I lived there, I had never read this publication. I read the real papers, the ones they sold at Starbucks, the LA Times & NY Times. I started reading this paper for 2 reasons: (1) the school down the street from my parents house is closing and the school board is causing riots (in T.O., this is more of a spirited debate amongst moms dressed in J.Crew) to erupt in my neighborhood; and (2) daily weather to depress myself even further. Also, it throws my parents off when I talk about things going on that they don't even know yet, which is amusing.
Their reporting style is like the prompt you are given for a research project, the basic what and where, who sometimes, but even that can be questionable. You are forced to go digging for your own news which is why most of the area does not read this paper. But it being local, it does cover things that the big boys don't. Like this.
The supermarket down the street was robbed. Or, more precisely, there was an attempted robbery at the bank inside the store which was foiled by an unidentified off duty officer. This, in my opinion seems newsworthy. For one, Thousand Oaks is known for being one of the safest cities out there (except for that random meat cleaver hacking, I can't really recall ever hearing about actual violence occurring, although someone did break into my parents car last week, and by break in, I mean walk up to the door my parents left open, not unlocked, open, and take the owners manual). Also, the article talks of them casing the bank. If these numbnuts knew what they were doing, they would have just robbed the Starbucks in the store, not the bank. That bank does very little in day to day transactions; the Starbucks, however, is busier than the actual Starbucks next store to the market (yes, there is a Starbucks next to a Starbucks, across the parking lot from a Coffee Bean) with lines all day long, that is where the cash lies within easy access in the register, not in a locked safe. Further, there is the issue of this off duty officer from an unidentified agency. I have some reliable inside information from an individual who was buying dog treats at the time that this was an ICE officer. So obviously, this leads the reliable insider to call me and ask WTF ICE is doing in T.O. b/c of course my just finishing an immigration law class qualifies me to be an authority why ICE is in certain areas (which, in my opinion, it really does). I think this is the real meat of this reporters story and they are totally missing it. The T.O. police are totally covering for ICE! Also, why did he have his weapon on him. Thousand Oaks is not longer a Western/Korean War set. You do not need a firearm to go grocery shopping; this is not Florida. So ICE is conducting some covert operations, and no one is reporting on this. This makes me sad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proof my brain may be almost too full to function

I am of the opinion that reality tv is counter intuitive to tv itself. You watch TV to escape real life, not watch someone else actually live it on camera. However, the studio heads decided years ago (Jeff Probst, I blame you!) that reality TV would save TV as it didn't require writers, actors, sets, etc., etc., was cheaper, much cheaper to produce and has slowly been taking over a majority of network schedules.
I try to avoid most reality TV. However, a few shows have been met with my approval (most are on TLC or Bravo, but this just proves I can speak in somewhat coherent sentences and have above an 8th grade reading level) and very few of these require competition of any sort. I may watch the last few rounds of American Idol, but I refuse to watch the auditions, and Hollywood week, and whatever else they do until they get to the people that can actually sing. One of the few competition shows I will watch from the beginning is Dancing With the Stars (or DWTS to those in the know). I believe one of my sorority sisters got me hooked back when Drew Lachey won that Disco Ball they call a trophy with his sexy cowboy dance (Cheryl whatever may have contributed, but I believe that Drew should have won dancing with a broom).
This season, before the show even started, they lost 2 contestants and had to replace them with less than a week to go. These replacement were kept "secret", so everyone knew that it was the ex-girl next store (holly(?), polly(?), not Kendra, the normalish one) and the rejected bachelor girl. I don't watch the bachelor and I refuse to watch interviews surrounding the goings on on the Bachelor, but I do know that he "rejected" her, after he proposed on the last show, on the cast get together after show or whatever and decided to start dating the runner up blonde slut (she went on the Bachelor, no empirical evidence is necessary), so I am on rejected brunette's side. The rest of the DWTS cast is as colorful as ever, including Denise Richards and the "Woz". Originally, my support was going behind the gymnast girl (who looks eerily like the former Cheetah Girl who was on a few seasons ago, hair, spray tan, dancing partner...freaky) with some interest in how the "Woz" would deal with not being able to dance on his segway. After the show, though, I have to throw some support behind the reject. Her story is just sad, so sympathy points there, she actually wasn't half bad, she did better than people who had 4 weeks to prepare and she had like a weekend, and she was on the I Wanna Be A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show on CMT and she seemed like a decent human being compared to the crazy duo in charge of picking the cheerleaders.
So now I am stuck trying to divy up my 13 votes per email address between these 2. And I will keep watching and voting until they both get kicked off, at which point, I most likely will no longer care what happens (because the "Woz" will not out last these 2 and if they do not eliminate Denise Richards and Jackass guy soon, I may not watch at all and I will just vote & at that point it may be time for me to watch AI and I can only do so much reality in one week).

Now, I will go back to being a law student and review capital expenditures so when I stop paying attention in Tax tomorrow to read for my Corp. Tax class, I will know what is going on if I get called on :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It may be below freezing, but I am currently struck with flashbacks of summer camp!

Did you go to summer camp? Live in the forest with no electricity, swim in a questionable lake, reville and taps...

Very specific things bring me back: a certain crispness in the air; smells of dirt and pine; waking up in that certain angle of sunlight streaming through the screen, pinecones...but on a more practical level, certain foods. We had a Shasta call (where i discovered my brief obsession with lipton brisk iced tea in a can), we had boxes of nesquik (white milk is lame) and kool-aid (for my nalgene, way before carrying a nalgene was cool) tucked away in our cabin cubbies, a box of our fav cereal to carry to flag raising and breakfast (b/c cheerios and shredded wheat shall be left for the new campers not in the know and the eggs were rubbery), the rice/soy milk you talked the kitchen into keeping for you (oh well, if the milk is chocolate, the lactose doesn't make me sick *wink*), dipping everythig in ranch, a Miller's shake or freeze and chicken fingers, Pizza Factory pizza/Pines pizza (depending on why you got pizza...were you an alumni (Pines), were you a Senior/CILT dressed as an idiot in Oakhurst (Pizza Factory)), and Choco Tacos.

Have you ever had a Choco Taco? If not, you have missed out on one of the great parts of childhood. It's a taco shell made from waffle cone filled with fudge striped vanilla ice cream with choclate and peanuts on top. We had a chant for choco taco days. It went CHOCO TACO, CHOCO TACO, etc. It went on until they gave us the choco tacos. Even the people who refused to eat at camp (whether it be the quality of camp food or the fact that many of us were from the capital of schizophrenic eating habits, LA) ate them. I had slightly forgotten about their existance until today (Sorry Choco Taco gods, I promise penance...see link). Reading the many varied blogs I do I stumbled upon a link on YumSugar....I have no clue what was being written about, but the word Choco Taco drew me to click the link. So I did, and I found this:

How to Make a Choco Taco from Scratch

If you find yourself with a craving for something cold and creamy and scrumptious and cannot find the authentic thing, I would definately try this because there is nothing that can transport you back to the ice cream covered summer day's of your childhood any faster...