Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proof my brain may be almost too full to function

I am of the opinion that reality tv is counter intuitive to tv itself. You watch TV to escape real life, not watch someone else actually live it on camera. However, the studio heads decided years ago (Jeff Probst, I blame you!) that reality TV would save TV as it didn't require writers, actors, sets, etc., etc., etc....it was cheaper, much cheaper to produce and has slowly been taking over a majority of network schedules.
I try to avoid most reality TV. However, a few shows have been met with my approval (most are on TLC or Bravo, but this just proves I can speak in somewhat coherent sentences and have above an 8th grade reading level) and very few of these require competition of any sort. I may watch the last few rounds of American Idol, but I refuse to watch the auditions, and Hollywood week, and whatever else they do until they get to the people that can actually sing. One of the few competition shows I will watch from the beginning is Dancing With the Stars (or DWTS to those in the know). I believe one of my sorority sisters got me hooked back when Drew Lachey won that Disco Ball they call a trophy with his sexy cowboy dance (Cheryl whatever may have contributed, but I believe that Drew should have won dancing with a broom).
This season, before the show even started, they lost 2 contestants and had to replace them with less than a week to go. These replacement were kept "secret", so everyone knew that it was the ex-girl next store (holly(?), polly(?), not Kendra, the normalish one) and the rejected bachelor girl. I don't watch the bachelor and I refuse to watch interviews surrounding the goings on on the Bachelor, but I do know that he "rejected" her, after he proposed on the last show, on the cast get together after show or whatever and decided to start dating the runner up blonde slut (she went on the Bachelor, no empirical evidence is necessary), so I am on rejected brunette's side. The rest of the DWTS cast is as colorful as ever, including Denise Richards and the "Woz". Originally, my support was going behind the gymnast girl (who looks eerily like the former Cheetah Girl who was on a few seasons ago, hair, spray tan, dancing partner...freaky) with some interest in how the "Woz" would deal with not being able to dance on his segway. After the show, though, I have to throw some support behind the reject. Her story is just sad, so sympathy points there, she actually wasn't half bad, she did better than people who had 4 weeks to prepare and she had like a weekend, and she was on the I Wanna Be A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show on CMT and she seemed like a decent human being compared to the crazy duo in charge of picking the cheerleaders.
So now I am stuck trying to divy up my 13 votes per email address between these 2. And I will keep watching and voting until they both get kicked off, at which point, I most likely will no longer care what happens (because the "Woz" will not out last these 2 and if they do not eliminate Denise Richards and Jackass guy soon, I may not watch at all and I will just vote & at that point it may be time for me to watch AI and I can only do so much reality in one week).

Now, I will go back to being a law student and review capital expenditures so when I stop paying attention in Tax tomorrow to read for my Corp. Tax class, I will know what is going on if I get called on :)

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