Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where we post mortum yesterday...

First, let me preface this with a comment: The phrase "equality for all" is redundant. You cannot have equality if it is not for all. Now if you said equality for all ducks, that would not be redundant. Please fix your signs (For example: Equality for all unmarried people -see catagories 1&3 below, or Equality for all Gays and Lesbians-catagories 2&3)

The CA Supreme Court upheld the validity of Prop. 8 in a 6-1 decision yesterday...first, boo hiss!!!

However, it was not the content, it was the process (amendment vs. revision) that was being decided on. Therefore, I take back the hiss. I am a student of the law and understand the courts will avoid answering the "Is it constitutional?" question at any cost.

Further, they split the proverbial baby and refused to invalidate the 18,000 marriages that had taken place between their original ruling that the legislature cannot prevent same sex marriage (or as I like to call it, marriage), and the day that will live in infamy, Nov. 2, 2008 (or as I like to call it, the day CA jumped the shark).

So, obviously, the justices have some sense that Prop 8 sucks, and further Props (looking at you 13) suck in general and by doing this they have pointed it out and we will hopefully fix this (and by this, I mean the ability to amend the CA constitution with a bunch of signatures, money coming from Utah and Limbaugh, and 50.1% of the vote) on the next ballot with another Prop.

Also, we now have 3 distinct classes of citizens in the golden state:
1-straight (or deeply closeted/succesful gay cure camp grads) people who can get opposite married as many times as they want [and this is #1 only b/c the list goes from who has the most rights to who has the least rights]
2-gay couples who got married when it was legal (and better not get divorced cause then they get demoted to category 3)
3-gays and lesbians who missed the window
This is awesome. We are now the only state to have 3 distinct classes of people!
(I smell some bound to fail EPC claim being cooked up as I type!)
Also, try drawing a venn diagram...cause its kind of looks like 3 should be treated as unmarried 1's, but then you get prop 8 and it pops it back out into no rights land...

And this sucks, I mean really sucks...Iowa is more progressive than CA?! Did I fall in a wormhole/black hole/parallel universe? I always thought I was rather moderate for a Californian, but now I know I am a flaming liberal...left of our secret muslim democrat socialist party president.
Rights have been lost, equality has been kicked in the balls, and the freaking Proposition system is still intact!

But I find comfort in history, because theoretically, we learn from our mistakes and don't make them again. So, now we know CA voters need to vote on these things and not just assume CA is liberal, this can't happen. There is organization going on, and media being promoted, and most importantly, money is being given to ensure there is a chance for equality in the future.
Also, before Brown, there was Plessy. And although the analogy is not the same, b/c the CA ct. already decided that marriage was for everyone and this current decision had nothing to do with whether marriage was a right of all Californians, I like to think it is similar enough to give us hope.

And if all else fails:
I am starting a petition to put a proposition on the next ballot that limits marriage to 2 individuals each making at least $100,000 a year (after taxes) at the time of obtaining a marriage license. (Individuals may not allocate income over $100,000 to the prospective spouse, sorry ladies who lunch)
Policy reasoning: Marriage is there to ensure a family unit exists. And if you have a family, you need to support your own progeny, b/c high taxes that fund social welfare are bad for the economy. And the average cost of living in CA is exponentially higher than in every other state in the union. And a minimum income of $200,000 for a family of 3 is needed for them to be adequate consumers to stimulate the economy.
Also, b/c according to the CA S.Ct., I can!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My black thumb is now officially an olive-ish color

I feel this spring has been a success. I was able to grow plants from seeds to actual plants! Oddly, my ability to keep plants alive came years after the successful survival of my kitty.

Excitement first arose in February when the green suddenly appeared:

Over the past few month, the little guys kept growing and multiplying leading to this weekend's project (delayed 24 hours by the arrival of what I only assume was H1N1)...a re-potting adventure into a much larger pot and the introduction of stakes to reduce their overcrowding issues and floppiness.

Today, after messy, dirt under my fingernails work, we end up with this:

A pot filled with parsley and fennel? I know, you wish you could be this awesome!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2L Shortkort, it was a pleasure while it lasted!

Yesterday, I completed the last of the finals I will take as a 2L. We will see how this actually pans out, but right now I am hopeful. In reality, I had 5 exams and a paper this semester, over the span of he last 3 months, but the bulk was my last four exams in the past week, which I shall call the finals clusterfuck from hell. But, now I am done. DONE!!!
The clusterfuck of the last week was somewhat eloquently symetrical, and metaphorical in a cycle of the law student way...I shall explain.
My first final was Corporate Tax, it was not kind. However, this class was comprised of graduating 3Ls and me. They were more or less taking it as their last law school final ever. I started finals with a final that a majority of my fellow final takers were ending their law school careers with. And it was being proctored by the guy from admissions, slightly ironic.
The clusterfuck ended yestersay. I sat down to my property II final knowing that in 2 hours, for better or for worse, I would no longer be a 2L. Which is a comforting thought and a terrifying thought at the same time, but that is a whole seperate topic. Property II is a 1L class, so obviously, my being in there gives off the air of a fuck-up somewhere in my past law school career. But, still, it was my last final, I was terrified (due to the lack of proper study time, hanks Federal Income Tax+stupid 24 hour deferral rule that takes into account start times, not ending ones!) and excited, and then the proctor walked in, my Corporate tax professor. She looked confused, this was the property II final, she asked me. I answered yes, which was followed by a look I can only describe as confusion tinged with dissapointment and pity. After I ran out of the room, very dramatically as is my way, vowing to throw sharp objects, such as pencils, at her for the exam she gave us which in no way resembled the practice question, I returned, calmer and with a cookie. She proceeded to comment on how she disliked property and then insulted the 1Ls (she spoke aloud what I have been thinking all semester-which is why, no matter how much that tax exam sucked, I will not drop her class for the fall; also, I am pretty sure they didn't realize they were being insulted, even if they are the top 2/3 of their class, they are extremely dense).
In summary: I started finals with a final full of graduated 3Ls, being proctored by an admissions officer and ended it in a 1L final being proctored by a professor of 3L biz law/tax nerds.

I shall close with my reasoning on why I should recieve the A+ in corporate tax-
1) due to the conversation, i assume one of 3 things have already occured: (a) you graded our finals and gave me an A; (b) you graded our finals and gave all of us A's; or (c) you have yet to pick up and/or grade our finals...which is why you should keep reading->
2) I am the only one who can benefit from this grade! The rest of the class was cmprised of individuals who more or less have no need for GPAs anymore. They are graduating. Jobs/LLM programs have been procured. This grade shall have no effect on their futures. It will on mine! As you noticed during your proctoring of a 1L final, I obviously have a GPA deficient in good grades because I was taking a 1L's final.
3) I WANT to be a tax lawyer. I came to law school to do TAX law. No one does that! I should get extra points both corporate and federal tax.
4) I managed to throw in some corporate tax knowledge on the Fed. Inc. Tax final. Which shows I retained it...I took it 6 days before, and still knew it, I took property yesterday and if I took it today, would not know a single answer for that exam!
So with those thoughts and the fact that I wrote my anonymous number rather large on my envelope in property, I look forward to recieving that A+ in corporate tax!