Sunday, June 07, 2009

Run, run, run, as fast as you can...

I have recently begun running.  Why, you may ask?  Not to train for a race, no, its because I want all the crap that comes with it!
Running should not be such a foreign concept to me.  My sister ran a marathon for goodness sakes.  I've tried beginning to run before, hell I played soccer for many, many years.  But even during my soccer playing glory years, I refused to run outside of practice (which may have been more out of the fact I was utterly exhausted in HS).  This is the longest I've stuck with it at all outside of practice for organized sports.
But what, you may ask, is different about this time?
#1, It's summer, I can run during the day and get a tan while burning a few calories.  If I am going to exercise, I might as well multi-task.
#2 There is so much cool running paraphinelia out there!  I have that iPod nike thing, but still need to attach it to my shoe (must go to mall while in LA).  There are clothes with media pockets and cord control features.  And the gadgets, oh, the gadgetry available...
I do have one do I stay motivated while running?  I mean, the only part I enjoy is at the end where I sprint the last bit, while the rest of my running trods along at a slow jog that I can walk faster than.  I love the feeling of running fast.  Sadly, I cannot do the entire run at this speed if I do not want my heart to explode or the constant ability to bark like a seal.  So a majority of my run is monotonous, boring, and feels like it will never end.  Maybe I need a new outfit?

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Berto said...

You see, that's why you need to find your zen point during the run. Plan your day, think about the big things in life, or think about the variations of the connections between NPH and Kevin Bacon.