Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday is my Fun Day

I have recently discovered my newest recession obsession, AMC theatres. Apparently if you show up for a movie starting before noon on the weekend, it's only $4. This means that if I sneak in the candy or soda, or both, I can still get a full movie experience (soda, popcorn, candy, and movie) for less than the price of a regular ticket!

You may be saying to yourself, who in their right mind goes to the movies before noon when they could be sleeping?! Well, when I have gone, there have been a number of people. I, too, expected the theatre to be empty and not to have to worry about turning off my cell phone or live twittering my thoughts about this particular feature. [Which is wrong, don't do this, ever ;-)] Surprisingly, there are quite a few people that go to these movies, and not only who you might expect (me, I expect creepers and/or old people); there are families and teenage posses as well as the requisite creepers and old people.

Even if an odd hour for movies, I find this works into my summer schedule quite well. I can spend my Sunday morning drinking my weekly Starbucks (Tall Drip, cold soy) and reading the paper (i.e., coupons/crossword puzzle), which I can feel good about because I purchase it with my (RED) Starbucks card (I'm a giver), then walk right into the theatre and get the seat of my choice, and still make it to the library on time to work the afternoon shift in the Computer Lab until I go for a run on my way home.

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