Thursday, June 04, 2009

Watching TV vs. Watching the Internets

As a law student, I am in class/library/buying red bull/unconscious when most of the rest of the country's population recreations. So it being summer, my time is slightly more my own (just slightly) and I plan on using some of it to catch up on things I missed during the last 9 months, namely, sleep and TV watching.
Reading the entertainment blogs, it has stricken me that I missed a whole hell of a lot of TV this year. My plan was to fix this by watching it all on the internet when I was working in the lab (perk of the job, I know, such difficult work!). My plan has been foiled. For some reason, the networks have decided that they need only post the last 2 or 3 episodes that aired. So basically I can watch the season finale and the one before it...which is great, but I missed the first 20-22 episodes of the season.
I understand that this is a response to ad revenues and guild issues, etc., but in your negotiations, shouldn't the lawyers understand that law students can't really watch these shows when they air and further, the entire season might be put on hold until after finals/bar/papers. We are a very small segment of the viewership, but ironically, we are one of the most important viewing segments. Our potential income and penchant for conspicuous consumption puts us in a very desirable category to reach. And by losing our future viewership, because I will not be watching after I have missed an entire season, you are losing ad revenue and ratings.
I am not, however, over pirating these shows. I would rather not, as it is illegal, and it hurts not only you, but me.
I therefore have a proposal that will benefit us all:
Create a web database accessible only to law students, like Westlaw or LEXIS. Handout passwords at orientation. Pepper us with emails advertising everything. Include ads for expensive cars and top shelf liquor, like the ad time that used to get sold to air during West Wing. Include overdramatic law school movies and every Law and Order/CSI known to man.
Want to test a pilot that you think may be too high brow for the general viewing public, throw it up, if we like it, then it will probably fail!
Just remember, when we graduate we can work for you, with you, or against you...and no matter what, we are watching you, just maybe not how you want us too.

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