Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Almost 2010!

My California trip has taken me north of Los Angeles. Currently, I am bunkered down at my mother's home in Santa Barbara, where I have been partaking in the sun and the sand and cooking with lots of vegetables (TJs was selling stalks of brussel sprouts, STALKS!).
This is a picture from the front porch where I can drink coffee in my PJs in the morning.  Which is why I am so against living in Harrisburg, I mean look at the picture, and that is in December, after Christmas! Imagine what it'll look like in July, except for the whole June gloom stuff...
Sadly, this was one of the last of a set of pictures taken by my camera. Today, at 16:00, my camera swam with the fishes, literally.  The great blue pacific, with its unseasonably warm water (seriously, like, it's in the 50s) snuck up on me and my camera, and decided to spare only one of us.  It was my fault.  I know never to turn my back to the ocean, especially when it's crappy like today, but I was looking for starfish, so my attention was turned towards the tide pools.
On a happier note, I have consumed In-N-Out, so that should quash my craving until at least next December, right?  Oh, east coast people who have not traveled to the west and discovered what a hamburger is, indeed, all about, let me drop some knowledge:
In-N-Out can be spotted in 2 fail proof methods-

The crossed palm trees, OR

The sign.
Either way, when you approach the parking lot, the lack of parking and the line of cars tell you you have arrived.  Once there, you will notice the menu is limited to only the basic things you need at a hamburger place.   

There is no chicken on this menu (or on the secret one).

And finally, the food.  What we have here is a cheeseburger, protein style, no onion, extra tomatoes, and a number 3 (hamburger), animal style, with a pink lemonade and a packet of spread for fries dippage.

And now, with the approaching new year, I shall be heading even further north, into the area known as Northern California.  This time, though, I will be without both the parents (praise someone), and I will be flying.  I would like to take a moment to thank the underwear bomber for the exciting new airport rules, really, cause standing in the security line at LAX was just too darn short of a wait last time I was there (about an hour, give or take an hour).  So, safe journeys to all over this busy travel fiasco of a holiday, and may all your resolutions be kept for at least the month of January!

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