Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a reminder to my family and non-law school friends-

I am graduating from law school in May 2010 (that's in 6-ish months). Gifts are expected; cash, check, and credit (hey, i'm not above setting up a paypal) are accepted. If you are unsure about what I, the shortKort of Law, would need (or want) for law school graduation and find cash impersonal or a lazy man's choice, I am here to provide you with some suitable options, in which, you may see a theme:

A Nintendo Wii- I do not have one; I should have one; feel free to include a Wii Fit or a Rock Band/Guitar Hero set-up.

A Nintendo DS- not the DSi, that one doesn't play my GBA games or allow me to use the Guitar Hero game. Also, who needs 2 cameras and a faster browser that doesn't even support sound or video.

The Google Phone- that's right, not the iPhone, people. Go look outside, i'll wait, you can go check if pigs are flying or hell is freezing over. I have been yearning for an iPhone, but between going back to school and switching to Verizon, the iPhone has been out of reach, something to admire from afar. And with these new "map wars" and the rumor that AT&T may raise the already oppressive data plan pricing for iPhones, it does not seem as pretty or shiny anymore. Hence, the want, nay need, of the Google Phone. Over the past few weeks, things have been showing up about the phone on these here interwebs. First there were the unsubstantiated rumors, then the pictures, and then yesterday all hell broke loose in the Twitterverse with people claiming that Google was handing out phones to employees. And then I woke up this morning and saw something I never thought I'd see, The Wall Street Journal reporting about the Google phone being sold early next year. So I want an awesome phone and I need awesome coverage, therefore Google Phone+Verizon=happiness.

Apple iTouch- this is to replace my need to own Apple's iPhone. Although the iPhone may not be the awesomest phone out there, the things it can do make me want the non-phone version, especially if they actually do put a camera on it.

As you may have noticed, 3 years of law school in central PA has turned me into somewhat of a gadget whore, which, I've discovered, is actually far more costly than being a label whore. But, as always, if gadgets with computer chips scare you or you are concerned I am trying to build a man-destroying cyborg in my living room, my old, label-loving self is still in there, waiting, to become strong enough again to fight the gadget-freak into submission like a ninja with a Prada clutch.

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