Friday, February 05, 2010

Observation: Tax Professors are not normal

Looking back on my years of education, I am realizing that while most people who became a professor in whatever capacity are a little socially awkward, but then you meet the tax department and you begin to think all those other eggheads are social dynamos.  Granted this should be a given, as they went into tax, the subject that I know everyone is drawn to.

Let me lay out a few examples from a few of my tax professors:
Professor 1, had a life-size cut out of spider-man in his office and the e-mail used was a reference to two-face.
Professor 2, in a law school class, handed me a paper back with a frowny face on it.
Professor 3, pulled out their DVD collection of School House Rock to show us the Tax Man clip.

Not that any of these things are wrong, per se.  It just points out the fact that these people, and others that just can't be explained in a sentence, seem to have the social skills of a 3rd grader, or maybe a kindergarten teacher.  Does this mean that if one day I decide to go into teaching tax somewhere my social skills will regress?

Things to think about...In the meantime, in order to prepare for a possible future career in tax professor-ing, I'm gonna go practice my shadow puppets.

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