Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Question of the day: What is actually required for me to get a snow day?

When I was getting ready to actually go to bed last night (or early this morning, it all blends together at that hour anyways) it looked like I was going to get to sleep in.  The snow was falling at a pretty good rate, there were already a few inches on the ground when I arrived home from class earlier that evening, and after 3 years it seems improbable that I would not be able to experience at least 1.

I even had a plan for how to spend my snow day.  It involved laundry and apartment cleaning and actually writing my reflection paper for Tax Policy, all while singing along to new music I purchased on a recent iTunes spending spree.  (I was apparently in a old school Broadway mood at the time…how, in the randomness that is my music library, did I not have Phantom or Cats!?)  My plan for the day in no way involved me unburying my car from the snow or going into the office or going to Wills, and especially not attending my awful, life-draining Bankruptcy class!

But alas, waking up to my blaring alarm of NPR announcing the delays for the day, neither my office, nor my school was mentioned.  This was followed by me assuming this was a dream and promptly falling back asleep for another 20 minutes, which resulted in a frenzied un-snowing of my vehicle and a not so fabulous start to a not so great day of the week to begin with.

Honestly, as a displaced Southern Californian, it’s not so much that I want it to keep snowing, it’s more that I don’t want to have to venture outside into the slush and cold and I have other things to do that seem to lend themselves to being done while I am still in a PJ-esque state.  I enjoy the snow, it’s pretty and makes it possible to ski, but if I do not have a hill to slide down and am wearing heels, it is just not as appealing.

Further, tonight as I sit in Bankruptcy (honestly, blogging is more intellectually stimulating and a better use of these 3 hours that I will never get back), the internet weather god is predicting, like, a foot of snow for Friday and Saturday.  It is as if a higher power (like Storm from the X-men, or Jack Frost) is playing a cruel joke on me.  So if someone could tell me who exactly I pissed off, or what I did, and exactly how I can fix it so when it snows next time I do get a snow day and it is not on a weekend where it doesn’t help anyone, it would be greatly appreciated!

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