Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Always look on the bright side of, I mean life!

Taking the bar exam is one of those experiences you really can't begin to describe unless the other person has been there.  And even then, the California version removes itself to a whole different category of indescribable horribleness.
Yet, in the midst of the horror, I am trying to be a more positive person, look on the bright side of things, some may say...others might say I have accepted the only bright spot in my life may be death and at least that is inevitable, for now at least.  Anywho, the California Bar exam, 3 days (not 2, 3) of torture.  Where is the bright spot?  Well, every six months you have the opportunity to take a 3 day vacation from work, minus the relaxing part.  Aside from the studying and worrying and filling in bubbles and typing until your laptop keys fall off and hoping you don't die of a heart attack from stress (don't worry the EMTs are set up across from the laptop room, seriously...) while simultaneously praying an earthquake hits, its like a reunion.  See, this permutation of the exam is known for being vicious in its pass rates, particularly February.  Why?  No one has ever told me, but I think its because they like taking my money every 6 months.  But, every six months you have the opportunity to catch up with those individuals that you took your first bar exam with, commiserate over the crappy retail jobs you are forced to work because of the lousy job market, figure out where the best island medical school is located, proclaim your plans to take the exam next time in North Carolina, laugh at people who think they are actually passing it their first time...its like a secret party, but only for the initiated.
So congrats to all you DC-ians who finished and the rest who finish today. And to those Thursday essay writers who despise their compadres who are already on their bar-cations, just accept that they are lame.

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Beth said...

One more day! Just think of the gigantic glass/bottle of liquor that you can drink when it's over!