Monday, May 09, 2011

Wish List building

The greatest season of all is barreling towards up: summer.  Why is it the greatest season?
It is warm (although my relocation to SoCal has minimized this as a reason), the beach, good seasonal beers are out, grilling, the best movies come out now, my birthday, 4th of July, longer daylight hours, my birthday, the cable channel series start back up on TV, pools are open and properly heated/maintained, my birthday...see a bounty of reasons that make Summer the best season out of the 4 possible choices.

But mostly, as you can see if you read carefully, my birthday falls in there.  Which means presents, as I no longer am accepting aging as a byproduct of birthday celebrations. And what do I want this year? Many, many things. Most of them gadgetry, some of them more need than want (i.e., laptop that actually turns on so I can give my father the one I "borrowed" from him back; a phone that does not look like I stole it from a "History of Cell Phones" display at the Smithsonian and holds a more than 6 hour charge).  Further, my bestest friends and partners in crime, Ms. Goodlaff and Cosmo, hit the nail on the head last year in gift giving when choosing "anything Kate Spade" as a guideline when shopping for me.  But as most of my readers do not have the same insight into my unique personality quirks as these two so if you look to the sidebar of this blog, you will see links to various bits and pieces that would please me greatly.  Also, this
 Happy Shopping... and Summer!

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