Monday, October 17, 2011


If you've been a loyal follower you know of the void of current ( read "almost already outdated") tech in my life. Also, the more recent handy dandy links on the side bar may have highlighted my perpetual uncoolness. Anywho, I have joined the present in one single weekend of awesome! Got both an iPhone and a wii. Next weekend I should have the Internet hooked up, and then I'll be like a real person again!
oh, and I did this from my iPhone.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

the kortship has been hijacked!

My grandparents have been naming their boats "KortShip" since, well, since they started buying boats.  Imagine my suprise while purusing for leopard flats for my new, improved work wardrobe, the name "Kortship" jumps off the page.  What is our boat doing on the Nordstrom shoes website?  It turns out that a style of Steve Madden flats have been named such.  I smell a trademark infringement case!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Is anybody out there?

If you couldn't tell by my absence, a lot has been going on.  I have a schnazzy new job, a rocking new place, my stuff is slowly trickling out of it's storage locker purgatory.  I have left the post-law school limbo I was in and returned to my original secondary career path, Accounting. Also, if you hadn't noticed, I bought a shiny new URL for this outdated blog...

On that note, I bring you the new, and with it the shortKort of CPA prep.  Exciting, I know. But smattered in that hodgepodge of accountingy goodness will be bits and pieces of my awesome LA/soCal life that may or may not exist during the few hours I am released from the confines of my fancy Beverly Hills office (oh the irony, I work in the heart of hoity toity and more often than not I'm in the lunch room eating PB&J, at least it's organic...).