Wednesday, October 05, 2011

the kortship has been hijacked!

My grandparents have been naming their boats "KortShip" since, well, since they started buying boats.  Imagine my suprise while purusing for leopard flats for my new, improved work wardrobe, the name "Kortship" jumps off the page.  What is our boat doing on the Nordstrom shoes website?  It turns out that a style of Steve Madden flats have been named such.  I smell a trademark infringement case!

Seriously, though.  The shoes are cute.

I know, right?! I think I bought them a half size too small, but all my other Steve Madden's stretched so fast and were far too loose the few weeks of pain are going to be worth it and they will carry me through the stormy sea that is the approaching busy season.

Anyway, back to the naming issue.  What brilliant mind came up with "Kortship"?  Who puts those 2 words together, or even comes up with Kort with a K in the first place?  Obviously, this person spent time cruising around the marina's of southern California, of this I am convinced.  And I tried to let Steve Madden himself, who was doing something with dancing Go-Go Harijuku girls at The Grove Nordstrom this weekend, in on this little fiasco while I was shopping for shoes, ironically, with my sister, who held me back from possibly being escorted from one of my favorite shopping destinations (which I now live within walking [well, a long, easy walk, at least] distance of).  So, Steve, Mr. Madden, if you see this and feel the need to pay retribution to the original widespread users of the term "Kortship", I'll gladly accept percentages of total sales or lifetime supplies of shoes.

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