Monday, January 09, 2012

New year, new kitchen appliances

This is my dinner. It is a pretty noxious combination of watercress, cucumber, celery and I think I threw in some lemon. 
The ginger and cayenne make this barely palatable.
I was going to do a full on cleanse to start the year but my work hours just don't allow me to make all the fancy food and buying a prepared one is out because the standard juice cleanses all use apples, to which I am allergic, also, busy season starts tomorrow at 5pm so the cutting out of caffeine ain't gonna happen.  So instead, I took my holiday gift card down to the Union Square Macy's kitchen department in the basement and bought a juicer that I then had to lug back to my sister's place by Muni (the thought process going into this purchase was hey, I got a great deal on a juicer, the realization as I lugged this onto a crowded bus and subsequently up a very steep hill, she has a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge when there is no fog, was hey, juicers are heavy).

My sister juices and she is pretty healthy and it kinda made sense for me, I need to eat more in quantity and in variety of fruits and vegetables.  I can't buy a lot of the fruit juice/smoothies in the store because everything has apple juice, or bananas (another unfortunate allergy), or is full of extra sugar.  One of my resolutions is to start eating healthier again because that kinda fell off when I started my new job and was tempted with a stocked fridge full of sodas and co-worker who share my delight in Mexican food.  Needless to say, I drink a lot of soda (not as much as law school, but at least one a day as an afternoon pick me up) and consume a fair amount of caffeine through coffee, as well as I eat far more carbs than I have since I moved back to LA from PA.  My consumption habits need a kick in the butt and I am gonna juice the hell out of them.

My plan is to juice my meals that I eat at home.  So breakfast at least.  That way I'll at least get a head start on the amount of plant material I should be consuming everyday.  My goal is to get at least 4 servings into each drink.  This morning I think I only got to 3 (Grapefruit and Carrot) but this dinner one, I'm estimating probably 6-7 (that picture is of my second cup of the stuff).  I'm also doing only fruit in the morning (carrot juice is an exception because it is super sweet and I like it anyways) because it is easily palatable and I won't worry about it maybe not staying "down the hatch."  The veggie ones I'm gonna leave for the evenings because they may or may not be edible and that is not something I want to worry about while running out the door or find out while driving.  It's not that I don't like vegetables, I certainly do.  I even may be considered a binge eater of vegetables, particularly roasted brussel sprouts, but that is a whole different issue for a whole different year's resolution...

Also, I have discovered a small "problem" when I juice: I may or may not eat most (all) of the items I was planning to juice before they get into the juicer.  I tend to be left with ginger and lettuce.

So join me, won't you, in my juicing adventure. I intend to delight you with my many tales of dairy-free delight.

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