Monday, October 21, 2013

I ran the hills.

Yesterday, I earned my first Tiffany's necklace.  I've bought them before, but this time I ran 13.1 miles to get it.  I ran with 30,000 other people over some of the most cringe worthy hills of any race I can think of.  LA has hills, but there is something about that corner of San Francisco that makes those hills unique.  I'm learning that running, while physically taxing, will at some points become more mental than physical.  There are points when running up those hills, surrounded by the pack of 30,000 runners, that you can't see the top of the hill; it looks like it goes on indefinitely, and it definitely feels that way.  Luckily, the LA marathon is in LA and not San Francisco, making it significantly flatter.  Conquering the hills was a good step in building the ability to tough through 26.2 miles of Los Angeles, now I just have to get on my constantly delayed flight do get back to LA and keep training.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

visualizing a new finish line

Based on a conversation I had with a coworker today, I am modifying my goal to run 31 races next year, because that is crazy...
Running 31 races would mean that I ran a race more than every other weekend.  That's a lot of weekends.  I'm an accountant, spring and fall tax seasons eliminate a lot of spring and fall weekends where I would be able to take time off to run a race.  But, I can still have the goal of bringing home 31 medals.  I will do every double race challenge I can find!  3 medals for 2 races, sounds like a plan!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Happy New Year!

Now I have to work off all that honey, like Pooh Bear.

I'm getting older, and my joints even more so, so I'm kicking my "run a lot for a lot of bling and swag" into high gear before my joints give out completely.  I'm also looking to travel a little more.  To accomplish my new year's goal, I'm looking for races: mostly 5K and 10K, but a few half-marathons that result in me leaving with awesome swag (paging Seawheeze).  I'm also looking for any suggestions, running buddies, and people to harass me when I haven't gone on a run all week because I'm too tired, which I am (the last day off I've had since the 4th of July was the weekend I was running the Seawheeze, so I'm beyond burned out).

But for tonight, I'm going to binge on season 2 of Bomb Girls and popcorn.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cooking with shortKort

In honor of my 2 baby cousins heading off/back to college in the fall, I shall now present you with the easiest meal I have ever made. Even easier than mac and cheese from the blue box. No measuring involved!

Caprese Pasta

First, go to Trader Joe's.  This store is not replaceable, and I feel bad for those of you without it.  Wegmans, Harris Teeter, even Whole Foods will cause you to do more work than is necessary.  Feel free to grab a shot of coffee and whatever is on the hot plate to give you the energy to go on.
At Trader Joe's purchase the following:
-bag of orecchiette pasta
-jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil
-tub of mini mozzarella balls
-fresh basil
-tub of garlic and herb butter spread
-if you don't have dessert already, go choose something from the freezer case, I suggest something with chocolate (avoid the cheesecake), especially if you are making this to impress a girl
-Those 21+ : favorite bottle of red, or white, or beer
-Those trying to impress a girl: add a plant to your basket, cause I doubt you have a proper vase, and you can bring it home to your mother next time you drive home

The cooking begins.  You will need a pot to boil the water, a large bowl (mixing bowl works fine), your george forman, a knife, aluminum foil (makes clean up much easier), and a spatula or large spoon.

-Plug in the grill.  Fill the pot with water.  
-While the water is boiling, cut the baguette piece that fit in the grill and then split in the center.  Put the garlic butter on here in an amount that you believe will be sufficient, i suggest one tub per loaf, but some may see this as excessive...  
-Put the loaf back together, wrap in foil, put on grill, close lid as if this were a panini or grilled cheese.
-Your water should be boiling now, throw in some salt, then the bag of pasta.  Twirl it around a little with the spoon/spatula and set your phone for whatever the cooking time is.
-At this point, put the plant on the table, open the beverage of your choice, put silverware on the table.
-Open the sun dried tomatoes.  Dump the entire thing into the bowl.
-Open the mozzarella.  Drain off the oil/water and dump into the bowl.
-Now the hardest part: Grab a handful of basil leaves from the container.  Roll the basil into a tube, as one might have seen an actor roll marijuana cigarette in a movie, or something.  Slice the basil with the knife widthwise, so that when you unroll the basil you have little strips.  Congratulations, you have just learned how to chiffonade.  You're knife skills are now up there with Anthony Bourdain.
-Your phone should be beeping  Drain the pasta, no colander? Just use the lid to hold the pasta back when you pour out the water. 
-Dump the drained pasta into the bowl. Mix the contents of the bowl with your spoon/spatula.
-Unplug you grill.  Take the bread off, unwrap, put it on a plate. Put on table.
-Put fancy basil on pasta, put on table.
-Accept praise from your dinner companion.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And then that happened.

In 2008ish, I wrote a paper for an admin law seminar that proposed that when applied through the tax code the 3rd section of DOMA was unconstitutional because it violated the 5th amendment.  I truly believed I was right, but I mostly wanted to see what would happen if I turned in a paper to a republican State Supreme Court justice that had a footnote referencing "lesbian bed death" (watch the L word, it's a thing).
Today my paper, loosely, became a US Supreme Court opinion.  Guess law school wasn't a complete waste...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm back

It's a new year here in Los Angeles and I'm gearing up for another year of not getting anything done.  However, in 2012 I did run a half marathon. (My co-crazy The Goodlaff Girl shared her thoughts on the race, my harassing, as well as I assume her husband's who also partook, caused the writing of her footnote...)  I have once again signed up for this Vancouver adventure for August 2013.  And I will be prepared better this year.  I will start training and I am finally getting that knee problem I had while running it last year taken care of.  Also, eating healthier, sleeping more, saving the world, blah blah blah, etc.